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Acton: Harmony in grey – privacy and space

This homeowner's low maintenance project is an angular creative space that they fell in love with instantly when the saw the design. The composite decking combined with aluminum railing and wrap steps are designed with the perfect balance in mind to create a cozy yet spacious feeling.

The hot tub is very accessible for four seasons of usage and also fits in well with the dining/lounge space for entertaining a group of people and feeling unified. The privacy screen is its statement piece with its PVC art nouveau inspired inserts and is cladded in composite and PVC to ensure it is low maintenance.

This is a forever deck on this homeowner's forever house!

Shantel Zwart

Design Consultant

Meet Shantel!

Joining The Deck Store team in 2010, Shantel has quickly risen from industry newcomer to seasoned professional, building an impressive resume of satisfied clients throughout Ontario.


“Some designers see the constraints of a project or what its limits are. But I find my options open up even further when confronted with atypical spaces.”


Three-Dimentional Design