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The Deck Store warrants it’s workmanship for a period of 10 years from the date of completion of the project. This warranty is valid for any issues that arise that can be attributed to the manner in which the installation was completed. Within this 10 year period, The Deck Store will fix and repair these issues at their own cost if they are deemed to fall within the coverage of this warranty.

This warranty does not cover any material defects such as cracking, splitting, warping, cupping, fading, breaking, twisting or any other possible failures in the material.

Any material concerns and issues would be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty if available. If repairs are required, The Deck Store can provide a quote for this. Any site visits for material claims would be subject to a service charge of $250 per visit.


A deck endures more abuse from the environment than any other component of the home – it is a horizontal surface that is walked on, lived on, used as yard access, has heavy objects dragged across it and is fully exposed to the sun, rain and other environmental elements. No other building material goes through the amount of hardship that a deck surface will endure. We want to give our customers a realistic idea of what to expect as they begin to “live on their deck”.

Washing & Cleaning – for most surfaces, water with mild detergent and stiff brush works well. For ground in dirt, use pressure washer with maximum 2500 PSI - keep wand at least 6” away from surface and moving at all times. Cleaning products such as Simple Green, Crud Cutter work well for tougher dirt stains. Refer to the manufacturer’s website for specific cleaning and care instructions.

Wood components – all wood will gray, twist, split, crack and decay over time – there is no stopping that. Applying a good quality exterior finish will slow down that process. Cracks and splitting in support posts is a normal occurrence and does not pose a safety liability.

PVC materials – possibility of scratches, expansion and contraction at the joints, possible chalking or fading, dirt build up in the grain or texture

Composite materials – possible scratches, mold or mildew, bubbling or mushrooming where fasteners have been used, fading, staining.

Rubber backed or plastic mats cannot be used on PVC as this will cause discoloration.

Do not spray sun tan lotion on or near a PVC or composite deck – it will cause discoloration.

Moving heavy objects across your deck can cause scratches and gouging – always do your best to lift clear – if not possible, use a mat or cardboard to protect the surface

High traffic areas – can expect to see traffic patterns particularly with softer composite materials

Pets – dogs can cause scratching in the PVC and composite materials.

Variegated Colors – expect to see a range of color shading within this product line. Boards may vary from one to the next - this is a normal occurrence and is not considered a product defect.


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