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Okay, so you’ve decided that the best way to go for your new decking project is to use low-maintenance materials.

And why wouldn’t you? They last longer, are easier to maintain, and pretty much come with all of the positive aspects of traditional wood decking and none of the drawbacks. But if none of the traditional composite options are tickling your fancy, it’s time to up the ante a bit. That’s right, you’re now entering the PVC and Hardwood zone. Choosing to build with these materials is quite literally akin to transplanting a piece of paradise into your backyard (and that is where most hardwoods come from, ironically).

Backyard Retreat Package Includes:

3D Rendered Design

paradise yard 3D Rendered Design
Before you build your new paradise, you’re going to need to visualize it. And what better way to see your imagination come to life than in 3D! We employ a trained and experienced 3D graphic artist in-house, and trust us when we tell you…he’s good. Working with your assigned deck designer, our artist can take the conceptual representation of your design and flesh it out into a three dimensional wonderland. This is a great asset to utilize in order to really get a feel for your overall project design. Some people are more visual than others, and if you fall into this category, having the ability to see things like color schemes, dimensions, accessory placement and entertainment concepts can make all the difference.

More Usable Living Space

paradise yard More Usable Living Space
If you want your new space to feel like paradise, than it had better function like one. Each member of our design team at The Deck Store are experts in developing concepts that provide you with maximum functionality, while also creating as much livable space as your yard allows. We identify whether PVC or Hardwood materials are ideal for your project, and work with you to create a living concept that is both unique and personal. Do you require an entertainment area that can also double as a cozy reading nook? Interested in incorporating things like hot tubs and spas into your design, but don’t want them to be the focal point of the yard? Is it important to be able to separate food preparation space from dining areas? Our team will work with you to not only provide you with a beautiful design, but will also make sure it functions ideally for you. After all, this is your space, so convenience and ease of use should be just as important as visual attraction.

Increased Privacy

paradise yard Increased Privacy
What’s the point of crafting your own paradise if you can’t have a little privacy? Your Paradise Yard package offers you several options to gain a little piece and quiet, ranging from the very subtle to project centerpieces. Both our PVC and Hardwood collections are as versatile as they come, and you can easily add a number of privacy options to most any design concept. Thinking of adding a customized pergola or privacy screen to your yard space? Our Paradise Yard package affords you the ability to match the materials used on your decking and apply it to almost any accessory or structure. This means that not only can we provide you with intimate environments for personal relaxation, but we can also blend these options seamlessly into your design.

Personalized Yard Ambiance

paradise yard Personalized Yard Ambiance
At The Deck Store, we recognize that your backyard is not just about having a great deck, but also about setting a tone and creating an environment. We want you to be able to walk out your backdoor and genuinely feel that you have left behind the rigors of every day life and have set foot in your own personal paradise. The members of our design team are experts at utilizing your yards natural surroundings and working with them to compliment your material of choice. Continue the tropical theme of Hardwood by creating a rustic, natural design, adding things like low-voltage lighting, built-in benches and seating areas or complimentary landscaping. Or choose to stay with the luxurious PVC selection, where items such as step lighting, rail cap lights and underdeck lighting can be added to take your project from great to epic. Knowing how to design decks is what gives us our name, but the ability to create atmospheres is what gives us our reputation.

Low-Maintenance Care

paradise yard Low-Maintenance Care
What’s the best part about being in paradise? Why the ability to relax and not have to do anything of course! And it is precisely that theme that we chose to use as the foundation of our Paradise Yard package. Everything about it is low-maintenance yard care at its finest, from the decking itself to railings, lighting and shading. We work with some of the best manufacturers in the industry, with quality PVC products available from TimberTech, Wolf, Trex, Fiberon, Azek and many others. This package also gives you the opportunity to adjourn your yard in one of our several Hardwood decking options, and believe us when we tell you, you may have to charge your neighbors admission to see these things. Available in a variety of tropical colors, Hardwood decking provides you with all the natural beauty of being in a rain forest, and combines it with the advantages of low-maintenance decking (and there are no giant snakes or annoying bugs, thank God!). The Paradise Yard package quite literally has an option for everyone, whether you admire the natural, earthy tones of Hardwood or prefer the more modern PVC approach.

Customized Add-Ons and Details

paradise yard Customized Add-Ons and Details
Perhaps the best attribute of the Paradise Yard package is the ability to fully customize your design to suite you. Many of our manufactures offer an incredible amount of customization and detail options that really add a great finishing touch to your project. You have the option of choosing materials such as color-match screws, composite railings and skirting, manufacturer-specific lighting, hidden deck clips and more. If you have already established a comfort level with one of these brands, you can essentially do almost every aspect of your project through a trusted source. And once you’ve completed the decking phase of your project, you might also get the urge to add things such as spas, hot-tubs, and water features, all things that The Deck Store can help to work into your budget. You’ve already invested in the foundation of a new outdoor living space…why not continue to add those accent pieces that will really make your neighbors jealous?


From the moment we met Terry we were confident we chose the right company.

After soliciting 3 quotes, we chose the Deck Store because we were impressed with their creativity and professionalism. It is true they are more expensive, but believe you get what you pay for, and for our project, it was important to chose the Company we felt would support us down the road should something go wrong.

A&W from Mississauga at Homestars

They were clean, on time, and courteous. I would recommend them to family and friends.

I came upon The Deck Store at a recent Homeshow because we were in the market for a new deck. They provided a quote for the service and we compared it with other companies and liked their design and price point the best.

Max from Oakville at Homestars

We were thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail.

Any minor issues were corrected quickly and without fuss. The design that Stan and Terry came up with works great in our backyard and we couldn't be happier with our new deck.

Ethan Goldberg from Oakville at Homestars