Transform Homes and Yards with The Deck Store

Close your eyes and picture what your dream yard would look like in an ideal world.

No doubt it would be glamorous, sophisticated, engaging…all the things it is not now (and then some). But really take the time to visualize its many attributes and benefits, and to fully comprehend what perfection would mean to you. You would have ample space for entertaining, or multiple levels of living areas perhaps. Maybe you see glass railing systems, an expansive outdoor kitchen and bar, impeccably landscaped gardens and seating areas or a complete outdoor living room under your deck? Perhaps you want to go all-in on a yard of your dreams, adding things like custom swimming pools, hot tubs, fountains, stone work or fire pits?

Personal Oasis Package Includes:

3D Rendered Design

personal oasis 3D Rendered Design
If there was ever such a thing as 4D designing, this would be it. We’ve taken our basic 3D renderings and provided a level of depth that is unheard of, and unmatched in the industry. Using a process exclusive to The Deck Store, we provide the opportunity to not only see your project in stunning 3D detail, but also to virtually walk right through it! Imagine having the ability to actually browse through your entire project and immersing yourself in every detail, witnessing up close your project’s color scheme, material selections, living arrangements and more. Our video walk-through makes it possible to do things like climbing your stairs and standing in front of your new outdoor kitchen, weeks before the the first shovel ever hits the ground. You can also get a better feel for things such as proximity of spaces in relation to each other, heights and depths and landscaping details. We provide all this and more with our 3D walk-through, available only from The Deck Store.

Total Yard Transformation

personal oasis Total Yard Transformation
The members of our design team are a lot more than knowledgeable decking staff. We have hand-selected and groomed complete outdoor living design soldiers, and they are well equipped with the know-how and materials necessary to handle any aspect of your outdoor experience. Providing you with everything from decking options, to the latest landscaping trends and even custom water features, pools and spas, The Deck Store has everything you need to give your yard that much-needed makeover. Why go through the hassle of hiring a company for your deck, another for your pool, a third for your landscaping and yet another for your stone work? We provide the convenience of total yard transformation, allowing you the ability to completely renovate your space from top to bottom with a single company!

Multiple Entertainment Areas

personal oasis Multiple  Entertainment Areas
Sometimes its great to have your barbecue close to your dining table, or to give the kids their own area in the corner to cause havoc and mayhem during meals. But have you ever wanted to organize your deck to give specific activities their own unique home? Well look no further than the Personal Oasis package from The Deck Store. Our designers are experts at maximizing the functionality and livability of your space, and can work with you to achieve an ideal result. Taking advantage of multiple entertainment areas provides you with the ability to utilize things such as duel and tri-level decking, under-deck systems for outdoor living rooms, built-in custom benches and seating arrangements, or dedicated outdoor bars, kitchens or fire pits. Create living space on your deck and more in your yard, the sky is the limit!

Shade Elements for Increased Comfort

personal oasis Shade Elements for Increased Comfort
As much as we all love the warm weather and sunshine, at times it can be overbearing. Tanning can quickly turn to burning if we’re not careful, and trying to use your grill or barbecue during the humidity of the summer months can be unbearable. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? Your Personal Oasis package provides you numerous options for creating cool, shaded areas, by utilizing products such as awnings, adjustable patio covers and pergolas. We work with some of the best manufactures in the industry to bring you relief from the elements, and our design team will work with you to determine what the most ideal product (and placement) is for your yard space.

Outdoor Eating & Food Prep Areas

personal oasis Outdoor Eating & Food Prep Areas
One of the best things about outdoor get-togethers is the food…and drinks. Decking season is the time for watermelon, cocktails, iced tea, and grilling as many different meats as you can before fall arrives. You can accomplish all these things through traditional means, such as charcoal barbecues and wicker furniture, or you can accomplish them in style. The Personal Oasis package is ideal for the homeowner that wants the best of both extravagance and convenience. You have the ability to work features into your design that will really make it stand out from the crowd, including custom bars, outdoor kitchens, built-in seating arrangements, perfectly suited outdoor furniture and more. Investing in your own Personal Oasis gives you the opportunity to finally be able to put everything in its place, and separating food prep and eating from areas ideally suited for lounging and relaxation, is a great benefit.

Tranquil Water Features

personal oasis Tranquil Water Features
There are few things in life that are as serene and peaceful as the sound of softly running water. Sleeping is always easier in a steady rainfall, and relaxation seems to come at a much more rapid pace when laying beside a gentle stream or river. Our Personal Oasis package takes the simple joys of nature and transforms them into common yard features, bringing you that same feeling of tranquility at the flick of a switch or turn of a nozzle. You have the option of adding any number of water features to your package, such as pools, spas, hot tubs, fountains or synthetic waterfalls. Not only do these additions help to provide a level of detail to your yard that is picturesque, but they will also provide your friends and family with endless topics of conversation. After all, our goal at The Deck Store is not for you to tell people about your backyard project…we want it to speak for itself.


From the moment we met Terry we were confident we chose the right company.

After soliciting 3 quotes, we chose the Deck Store because we were impressed with their creativity and professionalism. It is true they are more expensive, but believe you get what you pay for, and for our project, it was important to chose the Company we felt would support us down the road should something go wrong.

A&W from Mississauga at Homestars

They were clean, on time, and courteous. I would recommend them to family and friends.

I came upon The Deck Store at a recent Homeshow because we were in the market for a new deck. They provided a quote for the service and we compared it with other companies and liked their design and price point the best.

Max from Oakville at Homestars

We were thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail.

Any minor issues were corrected quickly and without fuss. The design that Stan and Terry came up with works great in our backyard and we couldn't be happier with our new deck.

Ethan Goldberg from Oakville at Homestars