Chrissy Arsenault – Design Consultant

A mom by day. A designer by night — okay make that designer by day as well. With a background in both traditional and landscape architecture, a passion for people and places (the weirder the better), and an unyielding ability to find inspiration in the way we live our lives, Chrissy has been designing “life’s little luxuries” for more than 13 years. What began as a career in high-end residential landscape design in 2005 has grown to include all scales of spaces from tiny urban backyards, to a townhouse complex, cottage retreats and a spa resort. Aside from creating “living rooms” outside the walls of the home, Chrissy has also developed an extensive portfolio in custom furniture and interior designs that have been featured on HGTV’s Custom Built. So if you sit there, eat there, live there, or breathe there, Chrissy is ready for you.