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Transforming Your Backyard All Year Round

Transforming Your Backyard from mundane to marvelous doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a well-thought-out plan, quality materials and an expert vision to execute. But perhaps the most important aspect of any backyard renovation is not what work is being done, but who is actually doing it.

Experienced Professional Builders and Craftmen

At The Deck Store, we are just as picky about who does your work as you are. That’s why we go through a painstaking process of selecting only the best deck-building craftsmen to join our team. These guys are experienced professionals, skilled in a variety of build techniques and know-how.

Quality Control During Construction Process

Every stage of the building process is treated with the utmost care and attention to detail, resulting in stunning projects that are constructed well above Ontario building code standards. Quality control is a must, and we employ a technique of constantly supervised job sites, overseen by a team of Construction Managers who are second to none.

Step One:

Schedule a Meeting with one of The Deck Store designer. In partnership with Paul Lafrance Design.

Step Two:

Pick and order you design package. We use the most advanced 3D rendering technology to bring your vision to reality.

Step Three:

Select building materials for your project. Visit 8 showrooms in the greater Toronto area to help visualize your project.

Step Four:

Pick and order you building package. Receive cost estimate based on design project and selected materials.

Ready For Your Deck Building Project?