Terrace & Deck Rooftop Builder

Across Toronto, several high-rise condo developments, residential apartments, and commercial and corporate spaces have created for themselves rooftop deck spaces designed to offer premium amenities to those that live and work in these buildings.

As deck builders in the GTA, we most often see rooftop decks used for urban landscaping, gardens, green spaces, and what are called ‘sky parks’. They can make for the perfect entertainment space during those hot summer months, are inviting to guests and healthy conversation, and add another area to develop and re-develop as a property owner sees fit.

In a city where space on the ground is limited, rooftop decks are a creative opportunity to establish a whole new dynamic several stories up off the ground. While we struggle on ground-level at finding anything other than concrete in some areas, the rooftop is an escape into outdoor living exclusive to those with access.