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Some things are just better when they’re real, aren’t they? No hard feelings faux leather, veggie burgers or the makers of ePhones and iiPhones (yes, they exist…not surprisingly), but we like things to be exactly what they say they are. We like to bite into our hamburgers and taste real meat (sorry McDonalds), we like our DVDs and Blu-Rays to have pictures of the actual actors on the cover (did you know Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Star Wars?), and we like to know that Rolexes we buy on street corners are authentic before we turn over our $50 (okay, maybe
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If you’ve spent enough time researching your next deck project, you’ve probably been confronted with enough texture choices and material options to make your head spin. Fortunately, the Deck Store is here to help keep your equilibrium steady and your feet planted firmly on your new decking of choice.

While it’s true that all materials possess their fair share of pros and cons, the most popular selections in circulation currently all fall under the low-maintenance category. With the goal of helping you gain the most bang for your decking buck, we’re going to examine a few of these low-maintenance deck … Read the rest


The Deck Store carries Penofin, Messmer’s, Corte Clean, Sunshield and Flood Deck Stains and Finishes.

PENOFIN is a penetrating oil finish that protects wood better by taking the vital ingredients deep into the wood fibers. Most wood stain products on the market simply coat the surface, trapping moisture beneath the high-solid coating. PENOFIN is the ONLY low-solid, nonfilm-forming wood stain in the world!

Messmer’s manufactures a complete line of wood and deck stains, log home wood finishes, and wood care products. Our premium product lines will beautify and protect your exterior wood with colors ranging from natural tones to bold … Read the rest