AZEK Pavers: A Writer’s Journey Into The Land of Labour

Writers, by nature, are a lazy bunch. We are not typically the ones to go on grand adventures, play in championship games, or defend our countries during a time of war. “The pen is mightier than the sword” may seem deep in its meaning (and most writers count it as their favorite quote), but trust me when I tell you that whoever coined the phrase clearly had never actually tested his hypothesis in battle. If he were proven correct, ancient tales of the likes of King Arthur and William Wallace may have turned out very differently.  I mean, could you image trying to pull a giant pen from a stone, or using a ballpoint to fight for Scottish independence??

But I digress. You see, the writer’s job is to not actually live out the experience but to tell the story afterwards. Our wars are fought within our own minds…and with that stupid little cursor thing on the computer screen that mocks you by blinking when you can’t think of anything to type (I hate that guy!). Due to the stationary nature of our craft, it a rare occurrence to see us out from behind our desk lifting anything heavier than a Post-It note or rubber stamper. But when it does happen, we generally prefer the highest possible comfort and convenience…and working with as many light-weight materials as possible. This is where my odyssey into the land of AZEK Pavers begins.

Visit The Land of AZEK Pavers Yourself

AZEK Pavers

Let me begin by stating that in order to hire a writer to perform physical labor, you have to either be really generous…or really desperate. Perhaps it was a combination of the two that led to me finding myself melting away in a humid summer sun, gazing out at the landscape of downtown Waterloo in longing and despair. I was there to help complete a mission: giving the local Shoeless Joe’s the best rooftop patio in the city. Never having ventured into the realm of contractors and laborers, I was depressed at the scene that was unfolding before me. Pallet after pallet of bricks were being unloaded from a delivery truck and dumped in front of the restaurant entrance…which had no service elevator. Our only alternative was to haul the materials up two flights of stairs using a technique called “hand bombing”…a term that has since come to haunt my dreams on an almost nightly basis. Dreading this process more with every step, I made my way to the mountain of bricks before me, and lifted the first stack, nearly throwing them over the roof. They were so light, I thought somebody was either playing a practical joke on me or I was building a patio out of prop bricks from a movie set. They looked like real bricks, and they even kind of felt like them. But these were something else entirely. They were pure genius!

Azek VAST pavers Roof

The manufacturer behind this innovative product, AZEK, has been an industry leader in the field of decking and outdoor living for decades. They have a reputation for having some of the most durable and esthetically pleasing products around, and their new pavers did not disappoint. I cannot begin to tell you how well this product is designed, and the ease at which it functions. Made using 95% recycled materials (mostly scrap tires and plastics), AZEK Pavers are the perfect combination of strength, endurance and value. Available in a variety of colors, they are light and slip resistant, making them the ideal surface for parking lots, driveways, rooftop patios and walkways. They are the perfect product for families with children as well, as the forgiving nature of the material allows for superior safety during falls and trips. Weighing in at a petite 6 pounds per square foot also makes this product easy to work with and transport, and the installation is so simple even a writer could do it!

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The beauty of the design is in its simplicity. A patented grid system is first installed under the pavers (also lightweight and made from recycled materials), and once down, you can lay your pavers out in any pattern you please! Use one of the traditional designs, or if you’re feeling creative, play around with options until you find something unique and appealing. You no longer have to worry about manually setting and aligning every bulky, heavy brick…which is a definite plus for amateurs like myself. They are also versatile enough to apply towards several different types of applications, such as resurfacing of residential space, ground landscaping, concrete paths, walkways, or rooftops. And the best part of using the AZEK Paver system is the ease of replacement. If a paver gets damaged in any way, you can simply remove it and pop another back in its place in minutes, which is unheard of when using traditional bricks or paver stones.

If you’re a business owner, there really is no better material to work with. In addition to all the features we’ve already discussed, AZEK Pavers are the #1 paver on the market for earning LEED credits! The production of the product allows for credits to be obtained in several categories, so you can achieve maximum LEED project certifications in a number of different areas. The LEED credit system can be a complicated thing to learn without prior experience, so AZEK has even taken the liberty of breaking the entire thing down for you.

Overall, though definitely not the same as writing this review from the comfort of my desk chair, my venture into the world of AZEK Pavers was an enjoyable one. The system is extremely simple and straightforward, the installation was a breeze and the end result is worth the effort of both (unless you’re dragging hundreds of them up a steep stairwell by hand). I highly recommend AZEK Pavers for both residential and commercial projects, and guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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