DeckMAX Products are a Time Machine for your Decks

Since at least the publication of H.G. Well’s The Time Machine, science fiction has had the trope of the time machine, a device that could take a time traveller forwards or back in time with a speed that defies Einstein’s laws of physics. Time travel into the future seems to be an impossibility in conventional physics, and time reversal even more so.

The closest that modern physics approaches the idea of time travel is the postulation that in Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity it is possible to have “closed timelike curves”, closed loops in spacetime whereby an object can return to its own past: something of a cross between the movie Groundhog Day and the wormholes of Star Trek.

In the world of PVC decking, the best equivalent to time travel is cleaning your decking with DeckMAX products, returning it to its earlier cleanliness and look.


DeckMax Deck

Turning Back the Clock

As durable as it is, even PVC decking benefits from basic housekeeping. Although it will never rot, modern decking will still show the effects of weathering, dirt, scrapes, and scuffs. Fortunately, these effects are easily removed or minimized with DeckMAX products.

The recommended procedure is to first clean the deck with DeckMAX Deck Cleaner. This concentrated-formula product is effective in removing mold, mildew, and oxidation. Unlike harsh bleaches, it will not degrade the surface of your deck. It works with PVC decking as well as with composite, wood, and metal decks.

After using the DeckMAX Deck Cleaner, follow with DeckMAX E2 PVC Deck Revitalizer. Revitalizer is your time machine for decks, restoring finish and reversing the effects of fading, weathering, and scuffing. Revitalizer reacts chemically with decking material yet is safe to use and environmentally friendly. Better still, no pre-sanding or stripping is required.

DeckMAX also makes PVC Revitalizing Wipes and Metal Revitalizing Wipes for gates, railings, trim, and moldings.


In climates with winter snow, PVC decking is best given a cleaning and revitalization in the spring, after winter has deposited its grime and dirt. The task is quick and simple, and revitalizing is usually just a once-a-year task.

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