Deckstore now becomes a dealer for Gemthane Siding and Gemthane Dex-N-Dox

Siding and Trim

GemThane® Siding is a low-maintenance, pre-finished siding system that offers the warmth, charm and value-enhancing properties of real wood siding without the upkeep.

A siding for all seasons

Yearly freeze/thaw cycles can wreak havok on traditional painted wood siding. The coatings used for GemThane siding are classed as semi-permeable membranes. Water cannot readily penetrate but water vapour can pass through the film. Thus, the moisture content of the wood changes slowly with the seasons but it will not become saturated in wet weather nor parched during dry spells.

The latex paints used on other sidings are quite porous, so dramatic swings in water content occur; this permits bacterial growth, makes the wood susceptible to freeze/thaw damage and encourages cracking and splintering.


Premium product, affordable price

Compared to painting on site, pre-finished wood siding is the hands-down winner. The over-the counter price of raw wood is low but the on-site costs are astronomical at today’s labour rates. When all is said and done, pre-finished siding costs less and speeds up your project.

Lower installed cost

Which brand of pre-finished wood siding offers the best value? Don’t be misled by the over-the-counter price. Sure, GemThane Performance Plus Siding sells for more because it’s a vastly better product. But it has the lowest installation costs in the industry, which means that the overall cost to the homeowner is never higher, often less. At the end of the day, the superior wood, the marine-grade coating and the lifetime warranty built into GemThane Siding are free bonuses. That’s the GemThane value proposition.

In any case where the building is going to be strapped anyways, or if you are re-siding an existing building, we offer the “Value Plus” version of GemThane pre-finished siding. This alternative version has a limited coating on the reverse side, which only covers overlapping areas. Foot-for-foot, it costs about the same as ordinary paint-based sidings. The coating on the front of the siding is the same, whether you choose Value Plus or Performance Plus.