Dry Space: Combining Primal Needs with Modern Technology

Few things in life are as enjoyable as a pair of warm, dry clothes. Whether you’ve just gotten in out of a rain storm, are stepping out of the shower or are coming in from an exhaustive time spent shoveling snow from your driveway, a fresh pair of clothes straight from the dryer are like instant comfort.  These garments wrap you with a sense of safety and security, and provide you with a level of contentment akin only to the completion of the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle (imagine how accomplished you would feel after that!). In fact, the combination of these core feelings (warmth, comfort, safety and security) are as much a part of our DNA as our body shape and eye color. If you put them all together, they formed the essentials of survival for cavemen (and cavewomen), and are the basic formula in caring for a baby (well…them and milk obviously). With this primal and fundamental need in mind, it was of course only a matter of time before the corporate world recognized what prehistoric man had discovered centuries ago: these things are not just convenient to have, but are also very valuable. The idea of warmth, comfort, safety and security are a pretty attractive package to the man who has none of the above.

So how would a company go about providing you, the consumer, with this list of enviable attributes? Well, they could sell you a Snuggie perhaps, or could become the purveyor of luxury items such as heated driveways or memory foam mattresses. But of course, none of those things would make life in your yard more comfortable (well, maybe the Snuggie to some degree). So who can bring these things into your yard space, and how can they weave them all together? Well the “who” is an industry leader in the world of outdoor decking and accessories, and the “how” is every bit as innovative as their reputation. We’re talking about Timbertech here, and their newest product conquest: Dry Space.

Dry Space Satisfies Needs and Wants

The goal of every home owner is to increase the amount of usable space they have, whether that be related to interior or exterior options. Specifically when it comes to yard space and decking, the larger the area you have to work with, the more design elements and features are available to you. Sometimes space is at a premium, and it is during situations like these that we are forced to consider alternative arrangements. If your deck is two-levels (a walk-out underneath and one above), then you are often faced with a common dilemma. Use the space under your deck to store yard furniture and accumulate bee’s nests (while gazing upwards upon ghastly open joists), or make that space usable and part of your overall yard experience. As desirable as bee’s nests are, we couldn’t blame you for choosing the second of these options. And if that is indeed your selection, then look no further than Dry Space by Timbertech.

Dry Space is an under deck drainage system that collects and channels moisture from the spaces between your planks. What does this mean? Well for starters, it means that you no longer have to worry about things seeping through your deck to the space below! This innovative system acts like Scotch-guarding for your deck, attaching easily to your new or existing deck joists and effectively turning lower level patios into extra leisure and storage space. Manufactured with an off-white color design, Dry Space lightens and brightens the area under your deck, giving your space a crisp and finished look. Kits are available in 12” on-center spans (12’ lengths) and 16” on-center spans (12’ and 16’ lengths), both standard sizing for most project applications.

Quick and Stress-Free Installation

Installation is simple and straightforward, and accommodates everyone from seasoned deck professionals to weekend do-it-yourselfers. With basic tools and contracting know-how, Dry Space can be typically be installed in a few hours (depending on project size). The surface is also able to be modified with paint, so if off-white doesn’t match your project’s color scheme, you have no reason to worry. Simply roll or spray paint your Dry Space lengths prior to application and continue with installation as usual. You can even use the space between your joists and Dry Space to hide wires for a ceiling fan, outdoor speakers, electrical outlets, and much more!

With winter just around the corner, there is no better time to keep your exposed deck joists dry and preserved than right now. Mother Nature will begin dumping snow on your deck sooner than you think (or want), so contact The Deck Store today to get started!