Lava Fire Tables: A Natural Evolution

Lava Fire Table bowl

“Heat by day, heat by night”. If only that could be a guaranteed notion, life would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? Of course, winters in Canada are brutal, frigid and unbearable. Each day, as I scrape the ice off my Jeep, shovel seemingly endless piles of snow and de-thaw the numbness from my fingers, I close my eyes and come to the only logical conclusion I can: whoever first settled upon this great land, definitely did it during the summer. They came and saw the wide open prairies, beautiful mountains and unique animals, and said to themselves: “Now THIS is a place I want to call home!” So they built houses, planted crops and began life in this northern Eden, thanking their lucky stars each day for the fortune that was their surroundings. Until winter came…and mass hysteria ensued. What had happened to their beautiful land, they wondered? Their water had turned into rock, their days had gotten shorter, and this weird white stuff started falling from the sky (and it was cold!). They tried to leave but couldn’t, it was just too desolate to make it very far. They needed a solution, something that could help them survive this soulless territory while looking forward to better days ahead. But what? What could make their world hotter, provide a feeling of warmth, keep out enemies and help them eat? Of course…they needed fire!


Canada: The Early Beginnings

Fast forward to the modern day, and it is a much different story. Not only do Canadians endure the harsh winter months, we embrace them! The cold is now our preferred climate, bringing with it things like snowboarding, skiing and the greatest of all pastimes: hockey. Consistent temperatures are for the meek, in places like Aruba or Hawaii. Sure, you can run around freely and not have to worry about grabbing a sweater at night…but does that compare with beating Sweden out for hockey gold? I think not. That is not to say that tropical locations do not have their advantages, quite the contrary. It is always a great feeling when we can escape the harshest of winter days and bask in the warmth and sunshine of a Caribbean beach. Alas, not all of us are able to romp around the southern isles like 15th-century buccaneers, which led to the invention of something called the “staycation”. Help your outdoor space realize its fullest potential by vacationing at home…with a setting that is both resort-worthy and affordable.


Get Everything In One Package

Lava Fire Table bowl

The word vacation is often associated with “some place hot” (unless you live somewhere tropical and want to see the snow; then by all means, enjoy Alaska!). And like our early ancestors, the easiest way to acquire heat is by fire. With that in mind, the innovative minds at The Deck Store have created a product that will revolutionize the world of outdoor décor: Lava Fire Tables. Made from beautifully polished fiber concrete (containing burners that are 60,000 to 80,000 BTU), Lava Fire Tables are the perfect accent piece to your backyard space. Available in both propane and natural gas models, Lava Fire Tables were designed with your safety in mind, eliminating the need for unsafe, carcinogenic wood commonly used for natural fires. There is also no need to “feed” the fire, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the night…just like a true vacation! Lava Fire Tables are entirely hand crafted by The Deck Store, a tried and trusted entity in the world of outdoor design and landscapes. And one of the best things about them? You are able to fully customize any aspect of your table, letting you control anything from size to color and even materials!


The second most popular thing vacationers are looking for after a hot climate? Why, a place where they can have clear, relaxed thoughts. That is why The Deck Store has tabbed the fire table product with a very distinct name: the Mind, Body and Soul collection. Each table comes with its own unique sizing, materials and esthetic look, giving you multiple templates from which to begin your custom piece:

  • The 30″ x 60″ table (the Mind)
  • The 30″ x 60″ bar table (the Body)
  • The 24″ fire bowl (the Soul)

The design team at The Deck Store wants the focus to be on YOUR well-being, YOUR comfort and YOUR happiness. So forget about the reaching for those sweaters and the unpredictable chills of summer, and pick yourself up one of these sizzling tables. Then just kick back, relax, close your eyes and enjoy the perfection that is your backyard space…courtesy of Lava Fire Tables and The Deck Store.

What are you waiting for? Contact The Deck Store today and start planning your personal oasis today!