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People have always prized “the real thing” over copies. This is why there is only one Mona Lisa. Extremely accurate copies can be made, but they are not prized nearly as highly as the priceless original. The idea that the copy is inferior to the original goes back at least as far as Plato’s “Republic”, where the ideas of “imitation” and “copy” are discussed in philosophical terms.

Other commonplace expressions convey this similar concept: we say “It’s the real McCoy” and “It’s the genuine article”.

But favoritism for originals is not an absolute rule: sometimes the copy is good enough.

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Since at least the publication of H.G. Well’s The Time Machine, science fiction has had the trope of the time machine, a device that could take a time traveller forwards or back in time with a speed that defies Einstein’s laws of physics. Time travel into the future seems to be an impossibility in conventional physics, and time reversal even more so.

The closest that modern physics approaches the idea of time travel is the postulation that in Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity it is possible to have “closed timelike curves”, closed loops in spacetime whereby an object

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Esthetics are something the human race has been concerned with since the dawn of time. We have planted flowerbeds in our yards, hung things from our walls and placed those little garden gnomes in our grass for this specific reason (what else would possess a man to do this??). Esthetics is the reason why single men can’t wear sweatpants 24/7 as they would like to, and is also the main thing responsible for your wife or girlfriend needing ungodly amounts of time in the washroom to get ready to go…well anywhere. Yes, no matter how beautiful something may seem,

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