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We’re all familiar with things like hidden costs and fine print (often too familiar), aren’t we? You know, like when you “win” something on a game show or a lottery, only to find out that your definition of winning and the contest holder’s vary ever so slightly. You’re thinking you just got a new car or vacation, and they’re thinking: we might have hooked another sucker! Salesmen utilize this technique as well from time to time, telling you all the things you need to know about their product or service, while keeping from you any potential negatives. But the good

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google deck toronto

At Google Inc.’s new Toronto office, there is such a thing as a free lunch.

Lunch isn’t just free – it’s colour co-ordinated based on Google’s colours, and indicates how healthy the food is. There are different snack options on each floor to encourage employees to move about, and interact with each other.

Food is just one of the ways Google aims to influence the way employees work and relate to each other in its new downtown Toronto space, which is having a grand opening on Tuesday. “We really encourage movement. People don’t need to spend all day at their … Read the rest