3D Deck Designing: It’s All About Perception

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Remember the first time you saw a 3D movie in the theatre? You may been part of the first generation of 3D, wearing those cheap cardboard glasses with the blue and red lenses, sitting dumbfounded by the vivid scenes playing out before you. Or maybe you’re a 3D rookie, not really aware of this technology at all…until a film like Avatar arrived. This modern marvel forever changed the way we viewed movies…so much, in fact, that 3D televisions and Blu-ray players are now common place in many households. For most filmmakers, the quality of the plot or storyline in these films didn’t change, but what did was the way in which they were able to present them to you.

Translation? They figured out how to manipulate our perception of the things we were viewing, making us feel as though we had never even seen a movie before 3D was invented. They had tapped into a very basic human dichotomy (our senses), and used them to provide us with sensations and feelings we never knew existed. Soon, other industries were lying awake at night and wondering: what could 3D do for me? Well in the case of the decking and outdoor industry, it can do quite a bit actually.

3D Technology

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For all you visual people out there, 3D deck designing is going to seem like a God send. Gone are the days of flat graph paper, handwritten notes, and those lines and symbols that you can never decipher (seriously, is that a doorway or is my closet directly in front of my washroom?). These tools were great for builders and decking designers (who all speak the same language), but for the Average Joe types out there, there was always a disconnect. I mean, you think that everyone is on the same page before the build…then somewhere along the line, you happen to glance outside to check on progress and see something unexpected. You call your decking company, who calmly explain to you that what you are seeing “was on the plan”, and that they “went over it with you”. Making a change now would undermine the integrity of the entire project…and cost you more money. Sound familiar?

Well, those days are gone! With new 3D design technology from The Deck Store, you now have the ability to see every detail exactly as it would appear on your finished project. Similar to a virtual tour for homebuyers, this technology will actually let you walk on your deck before a shovel even hits the dirt! You can see things like how decking material colors would complement your existing space, what railings would be best, what areas might need lighting…even where to put your furniture. This saves a lot of time normally spent looking through catalogs or online samples for that perfect product, and allows you to completely customize your design in incredible depth. Don’t like that railing there? BAM, it’s gone. Ever wonder what a privacy screen would look like behind your hot tub? Hey, look at that, it goes pretty well! Thinking about adding a pergola above that fire pit in the yard? Well, you are just a few mouse clicks away my friend.

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But what is 3D design really about? Like anything else in the business world, it’s about building relationships. At The Deck Store, we value our customer relationships above anything else. The term “going above and beyond” does not apply here…because above and beyond is our norm. We treat every project, regardless of size or budget, as if it’s our own. And to put it candidly, we are excited about what we do. We love decking and we love the outdoors, and with our new 3D design platform, we can share this love with you in an exciting new way. Can’t wait to get started and take this puppy for a test drive? Contact The Deck Store today, and get ready to see your backyard as you never have before.

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