Thank you for trusting The Deck Store with your outdoor living project. We hope you enjoy it for many years to come.

Deck safety is a primary concern at The Deck Store. We want any deck or porch we build to be a safe place for you and your family. Your labor warranty as stated in your proposal will cover defects in workmanship. These defects are defined as items under the contractor’s control (such as installation errors) for the duration of the warranty. Your warranty term begins on the date of your final payment. At the completion of your deck, we submit all necessary documentation for your manufacturer warranty. You will receive your warranty packet from them directly. If you have a material issue you will contact them first to start the warranty claim process. As a premier installer for these companies, you can rest assured knowing that the labour is covered to repair any covered manufacturer defect by us as well.
Should any problems occur during your workmanship warranty period please follow these steps to open a claim with us: There are items that are not covered under our workmanship warranty. These include but are not limited to:
  • Lights not working – no warranty for this at all. Possible causes are rodents chewing wires, faulty transformer or power source, bulbs burned out, etc.
  • Cracks, splits, twists, warping etc. of wood components – to be expected
  • Gaps at the joints of low maintenance decking and trim – normal expansion contraction occurs
  • Discolouration, fading, or paint defects of decking or other components – may or may not be covered under manufacturer warranty
  • Shifting of structure – all footings are installed to exceed OBC requirements – if shifting occurs it would be due to excessive ground water or other natural phenomena
  • Leaking of water collection systems or louvered roofs – these are designed to be water resistant. They are outdoor systems exposed to wind, driving rain, etc. Often leaks are caused by the gutter system needing to be cleaned out.
Furthermore, misuse of products, damage caused by natural disasters, improper care and maintenance are also excluded from the workmanship warranty. Warranty shall be void on products originally installed by The Deck Store but subsequently repaired by others. All warranty service requests must be submitted by filling in the form on our website. A standard $250 service fee will be applicable – if the repairs required qualify as warranty work, this fee will be refunded. If the repairs required do not qualify as warranty work, additional costs for labor and materials will apply. A quote will be prepared and sent to you for approval. Upon approval, the repair will be scheduled.

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Claim Form

Complete the claim form.  Take pictures of problem areas.  Submit form and photos to The Deck Store via this form.