Azek Sheds Light on Deck and Railing Lighting

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Even the longest day in Toronto does not last long enough it seems – 15 hours 26 minutes and 35 seconds. So if you want more light on your deck, Azek Deck Lighting is one of the best ways to go.


Azek lighting is designed to complement Azek and TimberTech railings to provide a polished looking lighting system for your deck. Deck lighting both extends the use of a deck farinto the night, and adds safety on stairways and thresholds.


Azek lighting comes as a complete system, with lighting fixtures, mounting hardware, and transformer.


Azek offers six lighting options:

      • Lighted Island Cap
      • Post Cap Light
      • Accent Light
      • Under Rail Light
      • In-Deck Light
      • Riser Light

Lighted Island Cap / Post Cap Light

The lighted island cap and the post cap light are similar lighting fixtures, as the photos show. The lighted island cap is a lighting fixture that is an integral part of the Island cap, while the post cap light fits between the vertical post and the post cap. In effect they are similar, providing a 360 degree illumination.

Accent Light

The Azek accent light mounts midway up a column or post and provides a diffuse downward-shining light for giving soft illumination and a sophisticated ambiance to decks.

Under Rail Light

Under rail lights, as their name suggests, install under the railing of a deck, shining their light downwards. Under rail lights, from a normal viewing angle, are not visible. They are wired inside the railing, with the electrical line feeding the rail installation coming up through the posts that meet the railing. Azek Detailed instructions show how this is done.

In-Deck Light

In-deck lights simply install flush into the deck planking, facing upwards. They can be useful in providing illumination while at the same time marking various sorts of borders, such as the beginning of staircases or door thresholds.



Riser Light

Riser lights are placed in a manner similar to accent lights, but are placed on the vertical face of stair risers. They make an excellent safety device, illuuminating stairs that if left dark might pose a safety hazard.


Installation tips

Installing Azek lights is very easy.
When installing deck lights by Azek, a few simple precautions need to be observed. First, plan your entire lighting system before beginning. While most lighting installations can be performed on already-completed decks, it is generally easier to make lighting installation a part of the overall deck building plan. Building codes should also be checked before beginning.

Wiring should follow guidelines limiting how much can be buried; generally, careful planning will mean that very little, or no wire needs to be buried.

Make sure when designing your lighting installation that the sum of wattage demands on the system remain within the transformer’s capabilities. The transformer can supply up to 40W on a single circuit, and not more than 90W in total. Azek luminaires draw between one and four watts, so a single transformer offers support for quite a bit of lighting.

Because Azek fixtures use LED Lighting, they are energy efficient, and they are keyed to provide warm white color, the colour temperature best suited to deck lighting. Azek lights and transformers are UL listed, for fire safety, and all components have 5-year limited warranty. Contact The Deck Store today to bring light to your night time deck!

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