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If you are browsing for outdoor deck design ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We can supply you with high-quality outdoor deck design materials to help you complete your project. Keep reading to make your backyard deck project an easy and seamless experience.

We approach every project differently. The very first thing we do is to listen to our customers. We listen to their wants, needs, and concerns. We work with our clients to come up with the right plan and supply them with the right products for their outdoor living projects. Whether they’re looking for a backyard deck remodel, or outdoor deck design ideas, we take each project step-by-step.

  1. Custom Deck Design

Every house is one-of-a-kind. Every household has different needs. A custom deck can bring your vision to life.

At The Deck Store, we can assist you with all your custom design needs. Our custom deck builder team can visit your property and come up with traditional and 3-D designs that will help you visualize your project better. No matter how big or small your outdoor deck design ideas are, our team approaches every project with the same care and attention.

Functionality is as important as the look and feel of your custom deck. A functional deck can add value to your house and significantly improve your living experience.

  1. Custom Solutions for All Your Needs

Once we’ve determined your wants and needs and come up with a unique design to meet them – it’s time for custom solutions. At The Deck Store, we always work with high-quality manufacturers to supply you with the best materials in the market. Better quality is always more durable and reliable. We use either pressured lumber or metal in our decking. One of the materials we commonly use is PVC. PVC is a high-quality plastic that is stain and scratch-resistant. It’s also UV resistant for sunnier days. PVC is known to last from 25 to 30 years with only minimal maintenance. Materials we use can depend on your wants and needs. Contact us to discuss your outdoor deck design ideas.

  1. Custom Installation

Installing a backyard deck can be challenging. You wouldn’t want to start a project that will take up your whole summer and cost you a lot of money. At The Deck Store, our team of professional deck builders can help you build a stable foundation, your decking accents, framing, and railings. Our deck builders are highly skilled and experienced. Our team and high-quality products will truly make a difference. We can transform your space and make it look cleaner and more luxurious.

No Need to Search for a ‘deck builder near me’

We have 40 years of industry experience. It’s safe to say we’ve seen it all when it comes to deck building and designing. We always use the best materials in the market and provide you with a wide range of decking solutions. If you’re looking for some outdoor deck design ideas, browse our backyard deck pictures online. We have a 360-degree view that can help you visualize your project better. Click here for our gallery.

The Deck Store Oakville

The Deck Store Oakville is one of our 8 locations. Our showrooms have a wide range of products. Our friendly team is always at your service if you need to discuss your ideas.

Enjoy your deck this spring

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