Penofin Wood Finish: Good Enough For a Horse

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Esthetics are something the human race has been concerned with since the dawn of time. We have planted flowerbeds in our yards, hung things from our walls and placed those little garden gnomes in our grass for this specific reason (what else would possess a man to do this??). Esthetics is the reason why single men can’t wear sweatpants 24/7 as they would like to, and is also the main thing responsible for your wife or girlfriend needing ungodly amounts of time in the washroom to get ready to go…well anywhere. Yes, no matter how beautiful something may seem, it is in our nature to continually try to expand upon it in an attempt to achieve perfection. In fact, plastic surgeons make a very good living feeding off this genetic impulse of ours. So it comes as no surprise that though you may have a gorgeous new deck or outdoor living space to be proud of, you are no doubt always looking for ways to improve it, if even only the slightest bit. Well that, my friends, is where Penofin Wood Finishes comes in.

Developed in the late 1970s as the result of a bet during happy hour (true story!, Penofin has since gone on to revolutionize the staining world. Reversed engineered from a simple formula, Penofin took the liberty of seasoning in additional attributes to create a unique formula all its own. This proprietary concoction is designed to apply, penetrate and seal like nobody’s business, and boasts the fastest drying time in the industry. Stable enough to allow for sprayable lacquers and varnishes to be applied over it, Penofin does all this while also maintaining minimum odor and bleed back.

Penofin Products

Originally developed for the natural wood and pressure treated lumber market, Penofin has since gone on to manufacture a product for pretty much any conceivable outdoor surface. Whether you are looking to stain your boat, bring out the natural tone of hardwood, touch up your composite deck or have a log cabin in need of a little TLC, Penofin has a unique formula to suite every application. Using a base ingredient of Brazilian Rosewood Oil, Penofin capitalizes not only on the natural beauty of this tropical hardwood, but also on its therapeutic properties as well.

The Reviews

The Reviews are Glowing.
D & C’s Wood Restorations Part IV from Penofin Wood Finish on Vimeo.
There is just nothing like watching a project being transformed from dingy and rundown to new and stunning, and Penofin has a story that displays this process better than most. Using the remains of world-famous racing horse Seabiscuit’s barn, the company designed and constructed one of the most innovative and creative structures in North America: The Seabiscuit Performing Arts Center. Located on Dr. Barbara and Skip Newell’s estate (Penofin’s owners), this unique space hosts numerous events and get-togethers throughout the year. This 2,800 square foot acoustic marvel is constructed almost entirely from preserved and restored redwood, the very same materials that once housed the famous steed. You can catch jazz festivals there (in fact, Penofin has sponsoring their own for 11 years straight), concerts, plays and everything in between.

Get Inspired by Penofin

Though most of us will never have the chance to house a tremendous thoroughbred like Seabiscuit, we can benefit from the products and materials which at one time had that honor. And if Penofin is good enough to forever be linked with a champion the likes of him, then surely it is good enough for the rest of us commoners…right? Having seen for yourselves the masterful restoration this product is capable of starts to make you feel a bit better about your project overhaul now, doesn’t it? No matter if your intended use is big or small, stop by The Deck Store today to grab your Penofin product of choice. And while you’re there, feel free to pick the brains of our knowledgeable sales and design team. If Penofin is the finishing touch on a much larger project, we’re always available to help turn your outdoor living dreams into reality.

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