StoneDeck: The New Frontier in Outdoor Kitchens

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Ever wonder why the kitchen floor isn’t a rug, or even made out of carpet? Certainly it would be a lot easier to vacuum that space than to sweep it, and a padded surface would feel more comfortable underfoot. My guess? At some point in modern human history, somebody must have had to learn this lesson the hard way. There they were, dressed warmly and comfortably, slaving away on the stove preparing a warm, fulfilling meal on a cold winter’s night. They added the spices and the meats, slow cooking one of the most fabulous chilies that man had ever known (and there have been some good ones). The time to indulge was now at hand, but as our historic figure turns to transport her dish from stove to table…disaster strikes. She trips (probably on one of the kid’s toys), and starts falling in what appears to be slow motion, chili flying through the air before ultimately coming to rest on every conceivable surface. The walls and countertops can be wiped and saved, but the kitchen carpet? Well, let’s just say it is not a pretty image. More aptly, it is every homemaker’s worst nightmare (and the first thought that always pops to mind when watching guests drinking red wine near your white accent rug).

Let’s face it, unfortunate spills and mishaps are going to happen, especially in and around the kitchen. All of your major appliances are there (refrigerator, dish washer, sink, oven, etc), all the food is there, and more often than not…so are all the people. More and more in today’s society, the kitchen is taking on a greater social responsibility as well. Outdoor kitchens and living spaces are all the rage, and the ability to entertain and enjoy “staycations” is almost a must nowadays. So how do you toe the line between style and functionality, while simultaneously preventing as many kitchen accidents as you can? Well that, my friends, is where StoneDeck comes in.

Build Your Own Staycation!

One of the more versatile and easy to use outdoor products to come along in quite some time, StoneDeck combines premium-quality stone (such as slate, granite and quartz) with a high strength composite backing. The result? A stylish deck add-on which acts as a perfect alternative for composite decking, especially when deck surface transitions are needed. Well suited for outdoor kitchens, grilling areas, raised fire pits and pool deck pavers (or anywhere you want the look of a stone deck), StoneDeck provides all the benefits of traditional stone surfacing at a fraction of the cost. Yes, these wonders of modern masonry are REAL stone (all natural), and are every bit as durable. Available in multiple colors (green, grey, multi-color, etc) and in convenient, easy-to-use tiles, StoneDeck are truly an innovation for both professional builders and do-it-youselfers alike. Want to know how they work? We thought you would never ask.

Fast & Easy Installation

Simply talk with your decking professional to map out an area of your deck to house your new stone surfacing (if you don’t know a decking professional, The Deck Store staff are some of the most knowledgeable around…just saying). StoneDeck can then be installed on new or existing conventional wood framed decks, and blend in seamlessly with any surfacing material. They are even specifically designed to handle the weight of typical surface decking (4,000 pounds per square inch) and work with without traditional mortar or grout! The high-strength fiberglass frame attaches easily to 16″ on-center joists (with hidden fasteners as a bonus), and gives your project the esthetic look of a truly luxurious product. You can even create commercial patio and roofing surfaces with this stuff! Can you imagine how much better your space would look and function with these things? Well I can.

As most of my friends know, I am notorious for hosting numerous backyard barbecues during the summer months. This is mainly because I am blessed with a large deck, an open space for a fire pit, and am able to put on loud alternative rock music without the neighbors complaining (I live on a farm). These get-togethers left me with many enjoyable memories…and numerous stains and residue around my grill. I never knew that a product like this existed (until this review, of course), but rest assured StoneDeck will be a welcome addition to my backyard space this season. Want to join me? Contact The Deck Store today to get started! And remember: just because life isn’t perfect, doesn’t mean that your outdoor kitchen can’t be.

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