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Sometimes building a solid foundation can be harder than it looks. Just ask Bonanno Pisano (architect of The Leaning Tower of Pisa), Vespasian (founder of the Roman Colosseum), or Cover Girl (makers of some pretty subpar makeup products). Often, what you’re making is not as important as what it’s made of, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of outdoor renovation. Specifically, when it comes to Do-It-Yourself projects there are specific concerns that you will face along the way, whether you consider yourself a professional or not. And one of the key things you need to ensure for a successful building process is a sturdy foundation. Whether your project is a cottage, home extension, deck, or even something as small as a clothing line in your own backyard, having a reliable foundation to start from is the most important step.

Stability Means Everything

How to Calculate Pounds per Square Foot Concrete

With that in mind, the next generation of structural integrity providers has arrived: Helical Piles. Often known as Screw Piles, Helical Piles are quickly becoming the most efficient and cost effective way to provide your project with a safe and sturdy foundation. Helical Piles are essentially a giant metal screw, installed by a professional technician using proprietary hydraulic machinery. The depth of the screw is determined by the desired bearing capacity, with the ability to support up to 50,000 pounds per pile. These Helical Piles not only guarantee that your project is supported by a solid base, they are also cost effective and provide shorter project times due to the ease of installation. This method of creating a foundation also helps reduce environmental impact generally seen during most construction methods, (by reducing soil displacement), which results is less transportation for excess soil, allowing for easy removal when the foundation is no longer needed. It literally is reducing our carbon footprint one step at a time!

Fortunately, if you’re interested in using these modern marvels, you do not have to look far. The world leader is Helical Pile installation is right here in our own backyard, and has some pretty famous friends. Originating in Quebec in 1993, Techno Metal Post started with the vision of providing the best screw pile installation service for residential use. Over the past 11 years, the company has expanded its technology and services for use all around the globe. As of 2014, Techno Metal Post has over 85 certified dealers and 250+ certified installers worldwide. The company is poised to conquer the market not only in Canada but also in USA, Spain, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Techno Metal Post offers many competitive options compared to other helical pile installation companies, including adjustable height connectors for structures such as decks, used regularly right here at the Deck Store, and by big name contractors such as Paul Lafrance (we told you they had famous friends). Some of the most important services Techno Metal Post offers involve their methods of preservation and corrosion protection. A protective sleeve accompanies every product, specifically designed to protect the screw while helping the pile remain stable during the inevitable movement that occurs due to external forces such as periods of freeze, thaw or drought; resulting in a stable, protected foundation, for many years to come.

And if all that weren’t enough, Techno Metal Post has one more trick up its sleeve: corrosion prevention. Brought to life by their subsidiary company Techno Protection, they offer two different methods of preventing corrosion and preserving the original state of installed screws. These proven methods help preserve the stability of the structures for a longer duration, especially in piles situated in extreme soil conditions.

Interested in learning more about Helical Piles or Techno Metal Post? Contact the Deck Store today to get yourself one step closer to turning your renovation dream into a reality. After all, it only makes sense to use a solid foundation for your next outdoor project; brought to you by the company with the best foundation in the industry.

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