Trending Backyard Deck Design for 2022

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Establish Your Vision

As each year brings new trends in backyard design, we’ve gathered some of the most popular ones to inspire you. Before diving into the deck trends in 2022, it’s important to determine your wants and needs. Who will be using your deck? Are there kids, the elderly, or people with mobility issues? You might want to ensure your deck can drain properly to avoid a slippery surface. Installing a deck requires experienced and highly skilled professionals, a well-thought-out plan, and a design that fits your home.

Walls and Fences: Perfect for Creating More Privacy

Is your neighbor’s house too close for comfort? There are cost-effective ways to create more privacy. If you already have an outdoor deck in your backyard, you can consider building a wall on the side to create some cover. At The Deck Store, we have different types of glass tabs you can choose from. As seen in one of our luxury designs, a frosted glass wall can give you the cover you need when enjoying your deck. Another benefit privacy walls can provide you with is creating sections. The wall can be designed to cover around your deck or just a part of it. It can serve as a separation panel if you’re looking to create sections for cooking or lounging.

Privacy walls are also good for blocking out noise pollution. If you’re living in a high traffic area, or near a highway, they can serve as a barrier for suppressing noise.

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to create privacy, you may consider installing a fence. Fences can serve as a divider and can be decorated with plants and other accessories.

LED Lights: Incorporating Technology into Your Deck

Movie nights and workouts after dark just became 10X better! LED lights are the perfect solution for illuminating your deck at night. They can be installed on stairs, in the railings, or up in your deck cover. They provide you with security against trips and falls, and allow you to enjoy your deck smoothly!

You can find dozens of low-voltage lighting options in our showrooms. We have weather-proof and rust-resistant options to provide longer durability, too.

Rooftop Decks: Transforming a Simple Roof to a Fun Gathering Spot

A well-designed rooftop deck can enhance your outdoor living experience, and increase the value of your house. Building a rooftop deck can provide you with protection against the harsh weather, and act as a barrier against rain, snow, and the wind.

Rooftop decks can be built and designed in any style. If you have a farm-style house, you may want to consider installing metal frames on your rooftop deck to create a more rustic look. If you have a modern house, you may use clear glass with modern lines to create a more elegant look.

Rooftop decks can serve as more than just a cover, they can also be converted to a balcony. When decorated with heaters and a cozy couch, rooftop balconies are ideal for enjoying a warm drink on a cold night.

We Are the Industry Leaders of Backyard Deck Design

The advantages of installing a deck are limitless. Decks can be extensions to your home and provide you with the extra space you need to entertain yourself, your family, and guests. If you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor living space and install the deck of your dreams, we’ve got you covered.

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