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Throughout the history of mankind, tools have constantly been evolving. A simple sharpened stick gave way to the spear, hammer, slingshot and bow and arrows. But things really started getting interesting when we stopped relying on nature to outfit our needs, and instead began to innovate. The discovery and harnessing of electricity may be man’s biggest achievement to date, but second prize is a no-brainer: steel.

Before it, wars were fought with wooden swords, boats sank far too easily (and too often), and cars could not even be attempted. This strong and durable material has now managed to work itself into almost facet of our lives: die cast cars, towing cables, steel-toed boots, and everybody’s favorite item of steel: Superman! And while you may not be able to have The Man of Steel in your own backyard (though some have tried), you can have the next best thing: a steel-framed deck from Trex Elevations.

Steel Through The Years

I know the first question you may be asking yourself is: why would I want a steel-framed deck? And the answer to this as is simple as it is complex; because it’s better! Our ancient ancestors came to the realization that steel did a much better job of protecting them and provided the foundation for stronger structures because it was not an organic substance (such as wood).

You could change the recipe, so to speak, if you wanted something harder, softer, pliable, etc…where by comparison, you get what you get with trees. That is not to say that pressure-treated lumber cannot provide the foundation for a solid deck. It can, and does, in the majority of structures adjourning our yards today. But as with anything organic, there is maintenance, aging and blemishes that appear over time.

Wood can also split, warp, and shift over time…leading to an uneven decking surface, as well as structural weak points. In an effort to combat these and other issues, the good people at Trex set out to develop a system of deck framing that was stronger, more durable, non-organic and maintenance free. The result? Trex Elevations steel framing was born!

The Deck Store Leads The Way!

Broken down into four unique design qualities (who all, coincidentally happen to begin with the letter S), Trex Elevations Steel Framing truly provides the foundation for a sturdy, long-lasting decking system.

The first stop on our S Parade? STRONGER. Longer joist spans and fewer posts allow for increased stability and strength, not only for the decking materials above, but also for the furniture and people above. This option is also esthetically pleasing for those with elevated deck spaces, providing a less crowded and more open concept feel below. You are also able to construct more abstract decking designs as well, as the strength of steel framing puts less strain on curved or uniquely shaped framing.

Should you go with the more traditional decking template, however, you would come across S number two: STRAIGHTNESS. Because steel framing material is dimensional stable (there are no potential soft points as with wooden framing), it stays exactly where you need it to be. There is no twisting, warping, rotting or breathing…just consistency from day one onwards.

This level of consistency means that your decks dimensions are now exactly level from point to point, ensuring you even walking surfaces and weight distribution throughout. All this means that you are now SAFER, our third S in our sequence. The lack of organic material in your framing means you are now free of such inconveniences as rotting, termite feeding and fire hazards. You also no longer have to subject yourself to the chemicals used to pressure treat traditional lumber framing, something families with children and pets find particularly pleasing.

Add all three of these S words together and you end up with the sum of its parts; Trex Elevations Steel Framing is SMARTER. The best part about choosing to go with Trex as your framing material of choice (other than all the great ones we listed above)?

Your new Trex Elevations Steel Framing is backed by a 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty! As if having a solid, steel framed deck didn’t already give you peace of mind, Trex took your mental comfort one step further by offering to guarantee its performance for…well, essentially as long as you’ll own your home.

The Deck Store’s First Trex Elevations Steel Framed Deck in Ontario.

Ready to put yourself on the path towards owning a Trex steel framed deck of your very own? Well you’re in luck! This great product is available exclusively at The Deck Store.

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