Virtual Is The New Reality

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For many of us, technology can be just as frustrating as it is helpful. Sure, it can guide us to finding things faster, can connect us with people and businesses instantaneously, or can locate a contractor for us lickety-split (don’t forget to visit our social media pages, coincidentally!), but it can also be annoying having to keep up with the constantly evolving world of tech.

Just when you think you’ve gotten comfortable with your new smart phone or tablet, a new one comes out, bringing with it new features, new software…and new ways to confuse the hell out of you. Who can keep up with all the lingo (What’s a USB? What does VR mean? Who are Siri, Watson and Cortana??), or carry on anything close to an intelligent conversation with those in the tech world? We’re contractors, men and women of the Earth, for God’s sake! We get our hands dirty and use our creativity, sweat and muscle to build things…why do we have to know this stuff? Fortunately, a solution has come along that both builders and buyers can get excited over. It’s a little thing called virtual reality…and it’s available, EXCLUSIVELY at The Deck Store.

Technology Is Taking Over

Up to this point, the landscape of virtual reality has been an overwhelmingly unexplored wilderness. A neat parlor trick for some, and more of a novelty for others, the technology has often been more of a cool toy to this point. Sure, it was fun to use a 360-degree camera and pan around large areas through a fisheye view, but were there any practical applications to these impressive optics? Not many to this point, but like the constant innovators we are, The Deck Store brain trust has developed a way to harness this technology and leverage it to amazing results. Imagine being able to completely view, walk through, and literally stand on your new decking project…before it’s even built! With our EXCLUSIVE virtual reality designs and tours, you can now do just that.

The process starts with a custom decking design, from a member of our award-winning deck design team. The dimensions are drawn, the blueprint is created, and then our very own “Deck DaVinci” gets to work. Utilizing state-of-the-art software, cameras, and technology, this maestro of the tech world sets to work “building” your deck virtually….before contractors, materials and earth are ever set in motion. Everything is then processed and formatted through virtual reality specifications, and BAM! Your new virtual oasis comes to life! Set up an appointment with our design team, slap some really cool VR goggles on, and walk around your deck, without ever stepping foot out of our offices!

So if you’re ready to turn your virtual backyard dreams into reality, contact us today to get started! After all, before you can ever achieve something you have to envision it; so why not actually experience it too while you’re at it?

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