Why Is An Outdoor Living Space So Important?

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The need for outdoor living spaces is increasing in popularity. Last summer, we’ve seen many Ontarians having picnics in local parks. Many homeowners in Ontario discovered the need to have a functional outdoor space.

A nice outdoor living space in your backyard can provide you with a safe space where you can spend most of your time – not only in the summer but all year round! There are various patio enclosures that can allow you to enjoy your outdoor deck even in the colder months.

The benefits of having an outdoor space includes:

  • More quality time spent outdoors
  • More space added to your home
  • Increased value of your property
  • A better living experience

If you’re one of those homeowners who’s building a backyard deck and looking for a custom deck builder to transform their home into a private oasis – you’ve come to the right place.

What to Include In a Modern Backyard Deck?

It’s safe to say that modern backyard decks are a big trend this year. Many homeowners are looking to transform their traditional houses into modern living spaces. With the rise of smart homes and other modern technologies, architectural taste has changed quite a lot.

If you’d like a modern backyard deck, consider mixing materials. Nothing says ‘modern’ better than glass. If your house has a classic style with wood, you may want to consider mixing it with glass.

Glass enclosures come in many different shapes and forms. You can get a glass patio cover and enjoy the rain and the snow under it. You can get glass railings which allows you to have a clearer view of your backyard. Regardless of the type of enclosure – glass can truly transform your space. It will make your house brighter, allowing more sunlight in. The brightness also creates an illusion of more space, which may be what your house needs.

Some houses are built too close for comfort! If you’re worried about your privacy, choose frosted glass. Using frosted glass will still allow you to get enough sunlight while providing you with more privacy.

Ask a Custom Deck Builder

Every house is built differently, and every family member has different wants and needs. Why not gather all your questions and concerns, and have a custom deck builder address them? We can schedule an in-person consultation to visualize your dream deck. For a low fee, we can also visit your home! There is nowhere else you need to go for your decking needs! We provide consultation, planning, supplying, building, installing – we truly are a one-stop-shop for backyard deck designs!

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