Deck Clips: Old-Time Quality, Modern Convenience

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Remember the old days when a trip to the gas station also meant an oil change, fluid top-ups, getting your windshield wiped down and having the air pressure checked in your tires? Or when there was a man in existence whose only job was to pick up and drop off glass milk containers from your front step? Think back to a time before big box stores and franchises, when coffee shops didn’t line every corner in town and when you could literally get a bagful of candy for five cents. Those were the best years of our lives weren’t they? Housing costs were low, wages were fair and manageable, and the foundation of society was simple, yet powerful: quality over convenience.

These generations believed that there was no point in doing something fast, if you couldn’t do it well.

But times sure have changed. As much as we like to believe we live in an age of convenience, in reality it is anything but. Sure, we have apps on our phones to accomplish pretty much anything, aside from invading another country (though I heard the US Military is working on that one). And we have the ability to do things like pay bills, have video phone calls or buy coffee from these same devices as well.

But have we gradually been choosing the road of convenience over that of quality?

Think about it…when was the last time you were able to call a customer service line, and actually get customer service (from something other than a pre-recorded menu)? How long ago was it when you could go to a fast food restaurant and be provided with anything remotely resembling a quality meal? When did our tax code stop making sense, how did we end up paying more money for houses of lesser quality, and for the love of God, what the hell has happened to all our good musicians?!

Fortunately in this new age of increased technology and inferior craftsmanship, there are still companies out there that believe in sticking to old-time values. And if you want a perfect balance of quality and convenience to incorporate into your next decking project, look no further than the folks at Wood Haven Inc, the makers of Deck Clips. What exactly are deck clips? We thought you would never ask! Manufactured using marine-grade aluminum, Deck Clips are the most convenient and esthetically pleasing way to fasten your hardwood decking. Designed to fit between boards and appear virtually hidden, Deck Clips remove the need for things like screws, holes, plugs and messy adhesives. These simple marvels are fastened to the inside of your hardwood decking material, and provide a sturdy foundation for any project.

Deck Clips Offer Numerous Benefits

Unlike traditional decking installation which can feature numerous pre-drilled holes and often time-consuming, installs with Deck Clips are as simple and straightforward as they come. You can complete most projects with basic tools and know-how, and do-it-yourselfers are able to utilize these modern wonders just as efficiently as industry professionals. Working with hardwoods can be tricky for newcomers however, so there are a few minor details to take into consideration. Like most wood products, being aware of moisture content in your chosen material is key. Certain woods can have a range of anywhere from 15-45%, and it is important to know this information before you begin your project install. Not only does moisture content determine the density and forgiveness of your wood, but it is also vital to calculating proper spacing between boards. Most materials tend to expand and contract with the changing weather, so determining your project numbers with this is mind will save you unneeded worry and hassle. Typically you are able to safely place boards approximately 1/8” apart from each other, however this measurement can fluctuate between that, 3/16” and 1/4” depending on the variables listed above.

More Tips For Working With Wood

At The Deck Store, we know quality products when we see them. That’s why we’ve positioned ourselves as the EXCLUSIVE dealer of Deck Clips in the Ontario market! You can’t find these beauties at competitors, wholesalers or even trade shows, so if it’s quality and convenience you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. As the area’s largest supplier of quality decking and outdoor materials, we’ve amassed a pretty sizeable inventory of products. Most come with enough add-ons and detail pieces to make your head spin, but there is one constant among them: Deck Clips. Our builders stand by their quality and ease of use, our customers love the hidden nature and end result of their projects, and we take pride in providing both parties with a stress-free process. The ability of this product to perform on a universal basis (regardless of material or manufacturer), makes Deck Clips one of the highlights of our decking toolbox.

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