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Are you planning a decking project? If so, you might be considering IPE Clip as your fastening system. This article will cover the benefits of using IPE Clips and compare them with other decking fastening methods. So, let’s dive in and explore the advantages of this innovative decking solution.

What is IPE Clip?

IPE Clips are hidden fasteners designed specifically for hardwood decking, such as IPE wood. They create a fastener-free surface by securing the decking boards from the side, resulting in a clean and sleek appearance. IPE Clips come in various styles and sizes to accommodate different decking materials and project requirements.

Types of IPE Clip

Edge Clips

Edge Clips are designed for the initial and final boards of your deck. They have a single leg that attaches to the edge of the board and a flange that fits into the grooves of the adjacent board, ensuring proper spacing and alignment.

Standard Clips

Standard Clips are used for the main body of your deck. They have two legs that attach to adjacent boards, providing consistent spacing and alignment. These clips are suitable for air-dried and kiln-dried decking materials.

Extreme Clips

Extreme Clips are designed for use with thicker, denser decking materials. They have a thicker profile and provide increased holding power, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications or areas with high foot traffic.

Top Benefits of IPE Clip

Easy Installation

One of the primary advantages of IPE Clips is their ease of installation. With a simple screwdriver or drill, you can quickly secure the clips to your decking boards. Their unique design ensures proper spacing and alignment, reducing the need for additional tools or adjustments.

Superior Holding Power

IPE Clips offer outstanding holding power compared to traditional fastening methods. Their design enables them to grip the decking boards tightly, preventing them from lifting or shifting over time. This results in a stable and secure decking surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions.

Enhanced Aesthetics

By securing the decking boards from the side, IPE Clips create a fastener-free surface that enhances the overall appearance of your deck. This hidden fastening system eliminates the need for visible screws or nails, giving your deck a clean, modern look.

Durability and Longevity

IPE Clips are made from corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring that they will not rust or degrade over time. This durability translates to a longer-lasting and more reliable decking surface, reducing the need for repairs or replacements.

Low Maintenance

With IPE Clips, there’s no need to worry about loose screws or nails causing potential hazards or damaging the appearance of your deck. This low-maintenance fastening system requires minimal upkeep, allowing you to enjoy your deck without the hassle of constant maintenance.

Comparing IPE Clips with Other Fastening Systems

IPE Clips vs. Traditional Deck Screws

Traditional deck screws are driven through the top of the decking boards, leaving visible screw heads on the surface. This can detract from the overall appearance of your deck and create potential tripping hazards. In contrast, IPE Clips secure the boards from the side, creating a smooth, fastener-free surface that is both safer and more visually appealing.

IPE Clips vs. Hidden Fasteners

While other hidden fastener systems are available on the market, IPE Clips offer several advantages. They are specifically designed for hardwood decking materials and provide superior holding power compared to many other hidden fasteners. Additionally, IPE Clips are easy to install and require fewer tools, making them a more user-friendly option for DIYers and professional builders alike.

How to Choose the Right IPE Clip for Your Project

When selecting IPE Clips for your decking project, consider the following factors:
  1. Decking material: Ensure the clips are compatible with your chosen decking material, whether it’s IPE wood or another hardwood species.
  2. Board thickness: Choose the appropriate clip size based on the thickness of your decking boards.
  3. Project requirements: Consider your project’s specific needs, such as heavy foot traffic or extreme weather conditions, and select clips that provide the necessary strength and durability.
  4. Installation method: Determine whether you prefer a screw-and-plug system or a screw-only installation method, and choose clips that are compatible with your preferred technique.


IPE Clips are an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a stunning and durable deck with minimal maintenance requirements. With their easy installation, superior holding power, enhanced aesthetics, and longevity, they provide a fastening solution that outperforms traditional deck screws and other hidden fasteners. By carefully selecting the right IPE Clips for your project, you can enjoy the numerous benefits they offer and create a beautiful, long-lasting outdoor living space.


Q: Can I use IPE Clip with composite decking materials?

A: While IPE Clip is designed primarily for hardwood decking, some models may be compatible with certain composite decking materials. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for compatibility information.

Q: Do I need special tools to install IPE Clip?

A: IPE Clips can be installed using standard tools, such as a screwdriver or drill. Some clip styles may require a groove cutter to create grooves in the decking boards for the clips to fit into.

Q: How much spacing should I leave between the decking boards when using IPE Clip?

A: The spacing provided by IPE Clips is generally sufficient for proper ventilation and drainage. However, consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific spacing recommendations based on your decking material and climate.

Q: Is IPE Clip suitable for ground-level decks or elevated decks?

A: IPE Clip is suitable for both ground-level and elevated decks. Ensure proper ventilation and drainage when installing your deck to prevent moisture-related issues.

Q: Can I use IPE Clips on a curved or irregular-shaped deck?

A: Yes, IPE Clip can be used on decks with curved or irregular shapes. Some additional cutting and shaping of the decking boards may be required to achieve the desired fit.

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