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The Deck Store is Canada’s premier deck and outdoor living supply and build company. At strategically located indoor showrooms, our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing the largest selection of materials with the best service to those looking to improve their outdoor living experience.


Canada's Largest Custom Deck Builder

The Deck Store drive customer’s dream to reality and improving the quality of their life through our designers and builders. The most rewarding part is helping our people achieve their goals and dreams as well as bringing great designs and workmanship to our customers.

One of our innovative product is Ultimate Deck, with helical piers upon which to lay your metal framing. No concrete. No risk of uneven settling. You can build the Ultimate Deck on uneven soil, bogs, swamps or on the edge of a waterway. Choosing metal framing not only alleviates rot and decay, but also comes with a number of added advantages. Probably the biggest of these is that since metal is manmade, it can be engineered to be 100% straight and consistent. The Deck Store is home to the largest selection in PVC and Composite deck boards in the industry, and has countless combinations of colors, grains and materials to choose from.


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Outdoor Spaces to Live & Love

Our new decking packages come with everything you need to transform your yard to your own personal oasis.

At the Deck Store, we recognize that not all yards are made on an assembly line. Every space is different, and every homeowner has their own, unique vision of what their space should ultimately become. The options, materials and designs offer infinite possibilities, so knowing where to start is key.

The Deck Store Packages






The Commercial Leader in Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Products and Services

We Offer Eco-Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly, LEEDS supporting products

With over 10,000 projects completed since 1985, our growth and reputation as a leader in the industry has created a demand for more Commercial applications. We continue to offer our clients NEW, Innovative, No-Low maintenance solutions for a variety of building needs. Whether you are looking to design, supply and build from the ground up, or are just looking for one of the three, The Deck Store is the ideal choice for your commercial building project.

Commercial Division

Outdoor Three-Dimensional Design

Artistically designed. Unique Custom Solutions. Quality Manufactured Materials.

The Deck Store understands your need for convenience. That’s why we offer both traditional and 3D designs for our projects, and employ the services of a structural designer (BCIN) for permit acquisition! The Deck Store boasts a seemingly unlimited product line, with materials for everything from backyards, to gardens, to pools, patios, decks, driveways, walkways and even entry monuments available.

Design Center

Largest Decking Material Supplier in Ontario

We are a dealer for all of the premium composite and PVC decking manufacturers

The Deck Store prides itself on being the largest volume dealer of decking and outdoor supplies in the Canadian market. It is our goal to provide you with as many material and design options as possible, and our highly skilled team of installers and designers can turn any outdoor dream into a reality. Our four locations house hundreds of products in a fully interactive environment, providing you the opportunity to stimulate your senses with them as well.

Servicing: Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Burlington, Hamilton, Newmarket, Vaughan, Aurora, Markham, Guelph, Milton, Georgetown, St Catherines, London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Ottawa, Oshawa. Contact our offices for more information

Decking and Outdoor Supply

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  • DeckMAX Products are a Time Machine for your Decks

    In climates with winter snow, PVC decking is best given a cleaning and revitalization in the spring, after winter has deposited its grime and dirt. The task is quick and simple, and revitalizing is usually just a once-a-year task.

  • TimberTech Deck Lighting for Sophisticated Evenings on the Deck

    Nothing is better than sitting out on a summer night with friends, drinks, and food, and such times sometimes seem to end too soon. The hit song “Patio Lanterns” by Canadian Kim Mitchell captures the spirit perfectly.

  • Silca System: Backyard Sleight of Hand

    Silca System was actually designed, tested and produced to alleviate all of your concerns, and to change the impossible back into the possible! You can now build with stone surfacing on elevated frames, such as patios, balconies or rooftops. The relative low cost makes owning a Silca System easy and affordable on most budgets, helping to bridge the gap between a luxurious feel and modest overhead.

  • Techno Metal Post – Unique Foundation Solutions

    Techno Metal Post offers many competitive options compared to other helical pile installation companies, including adjustable height connectors for structures such as decks, used regularly right here at the Deck Store, and by big name contractors such as Paul Lafrance (we told you they had famous friends). Some of the most important services Techno Metal Post offers involve their methods of preservation and corrosion protection.

  • Meet the Pro: Terry Fangrad

    The Deck Store is unique in our industry in that we have the only substantial indoor showrooms in our market where customers can come at any time and in any weather and see the various products that we feature as well as talk to experienced staff members about them.

  • Nesling Shades: Casting The Perfect Shadow

    New to the Canadian market and now available at The Deck Store, Nesling shades and canopies beautifully bridge the gap between style and affordability. Constructed using a patented design that blocks upward of 95% of harmful UV rays, Nesling is one of the most functional shading options available today.

  • Trex Elevations: Perfection From The Ground Up

    I know the first question you may be asking yourself is: why would I want a steel-framed deck? And the answer to this as is simple as it is complex; because it’s better! Our ancient ancestors came to the realization that steel did a much better job of protecting them and provided the foundation for stronger structures because it was not an organic substance (such as wood). You could change the recipe, so to speak, if you wanted something harder, softer, pliable, etc…where by comparison, you get what you get with trees.

  • The Deck Store is there?? Jackpot!

    The Deck Store has built a relationship of trust in cities like Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, and Oshawa (most of which have showrooms by the way!), working with a variety of clients and budgets to build some truly unique spaces. But did you know that you can reap these same benefits outside of these areas…?

  • Saber Grills: These Cats Have Teeth

    They say that all men are not created equal, and this certainly applies towards grills as well. Some are destined for greatness, and at the top of that heap is SABER Grills. Designed to bring the experience of high-end, professional style grilling to the average consumer, SABER Grills is the perfect blend of functionality and cost. The engineers at SABER started to create the perfect grill from the ground up, which meant they had to start with better materials and increased durability.

  • Deck Flash Barrier

    If you’re looking to maximize the life of your new deck, Deck Flash Barrier is a product you should definitely familiarize yourself with. Manufactured using an asphalt mastic adhesive, Deck Flash Barrier is designed to self-seal itself around screws and nails, blocking pathways for water to infiltrate into your decking. Designed to be applied to the top of deck joists, this unique formula acts as a waterproof membrane, preventing wood from rotting or decaying, while simultaneously denying water accumulation under your decking boards