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Under Deck Systems

Under Deck Systems is more than a ceiling that channels water

away from a structure but also allows you to take advantage of usable space under your deck.


TimberTech DrySpace is a revolutionary deck drainage system that collects the water that falls between the gaps in the planks and channels it away, leaving a virtually dry and functional space below.


RainEscape allows you to enjoy outdoor living no matter what mother nature has to offer. You can create outdoor spaces you never thought possible. With RainEscape, you can now install TVs, speakers, ceiling fans and more without worry.

Dek Drain

An elevated deck creates a lot of moist, moldy and unusable space underneath. With a DEK Drain® system, the space under a raised deck can be transformed into a cozy and lively focal point of family life with finished ceilings, lighting and other amenities.

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