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If you love spending time on your deck or patio but feel like you’re always on display, it may be time to add some privacy features. A privacy fence or screen can transform your outdoor living space into a secluded oasis right in your own backyard. Keep reading to discover 15 fence and screen options to increase privacy on your deck or patio. Adding a privacy fence, screens, or panels is one of the simplest ways to boost the cozy factor on your deck or patio. You’ll gain seclusion from neighbors while still being able to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. With materials like wood, vinyl, and metal to choose from, you’re sure to find the right look to complement your home’s style.

What Are the Benefits of Adding Privacy Features to Your Deck?

There are many great reasons to increase privacy on your deck or patio:
  • Gain seclusion from neighbors or passersby.
  • Enjoy your outdoor living space without feeling “on display.”
  • Host gatherings or sunbathe without unwanted onlookers.
  • Reduce noise from surrounding areas.
  • Let kids and pets play safely without constant supervision.
  • Increase security by obscuring views into your yard.
  • Improve the ambiance with an enclosed, cozy feel.
  • Customize the level of privacy with adjustable screens.

Key Factors When Choosing Deck Privacy Solutions

As you shop for the perfect deck privacy addition, keep these key considerations in mind: Permanent or temporary? Permanent wood or vinyl fencing offers classic, built-in privacy. Temporary or semi-permanent lattice panels provide removable screening. Opaque or semi-transparent? Opaque wood provides complete seclusion, while lattice and mesh allow breezes and filtered light through. Freestanding or attached? Freestanding screens stand alone, while attached options bolt directly to railings. Full or partial coverage? Full-height fences or screens boost overall privacy, while partial options allow flexibility. Style matches your home? Choose materials and colors to coordinate with your home for a cohesive look. Budget or DIY factors? Pre-built fence panels offer affordability, while custom wood is pricier. Some options are easy to DIY. By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll find the ideal deck privacy addition for your needs and style. Now let’s dive into 15 fencing and screening ideas to create your private backyard oasis!

1. Add classic wood privacy fencing

Wood privacy fencing is a go-to solution for blocking views and achieving seclusion. Tall, opaque fencing around your deck creates a cozy, sheltered feel. This traditional look crafted from cedar, redwood, or treated pine blends well with any home style. Install full perimeter fencing for all-around privacy or on specific sides where screening is needed most.

2. Install pre-built vinyl fence panels

For sleek, low-maintenance privacy, opt for vinyl fencing. Pre-built vinyl panels make installation easy. They simply click into place and never need painting. Vinyl looks similar to wood but doesn’t rot or splinter. Choose from white, tan, grey, or even wood grain finishes to coordinate with your home. Vinyl fence panels are readily available at home centers.

3. Screen with Horizontal Lattice Panels

Another easy DIY option is removable trellis panels. These screens have crisscrossing wood slotwalls with open space in between. Lattice provides filtered sunlight and breeze while obscuring views. For deck privacy, look for lattices designed specifically for outdoor use. Install full-height panels on deck posts or railings. Try painting your trellis a fun accent color!

4. Plant Fast-Growing Climbing Vines

Grow natural privacy with climbing vines on a trellis or existing fence. Fast-growing annual vines like Morning Glory provide warm-weather privacy. Perennial vines take longer to mature but create permanent coverage—popular choices include trumpet vine, honeysuckle, grapevine, and clematis. Position vine supports to strategically direct growth where you want foliage and flowers for deck privacy.

5. Add freestanding privacy screens

Another removable option is a freestanding privacy screen. These movable panels act as barriers to block views or noise. Plastic, wood, or rattan screens fold up or roll away when not needed. Use them to divide your deck for dining privacy or hide unsightly yard areas. Freestanding screens are great temporary solutions where permanent panels aren’t possible.

6. Install aluminum garden fencing

Aluminum garden fencing offers a more modern, industrial look than classic wood. This style is durable and low-maintenance, with powder-coated fins available in an array of colors. Aluminum fins are closely spaced to provide privacy yet allow airflow. Use them to surround your entire deck or patio or as decorative partitions between spaces. Aluminum fencing installs easily into decking or concrete.

7. Use decorative PVC fence slats

For quick DIY privacy, decorative fence slotwalls simply slide into existing railings. These interlocking PVC panels feature cutout designs, letting in air and light while blocking views. Patterned slats offer customizable semi-privacy for decks or patios. Try bold patterns like sunbursts, palms, or flowers to enhance your space’s style as well. Install slotwalls on one side or perimeter railing, depending on your needs.

8. Add privacy with outdoor curtains

Install hanging curtains on your deck’s railings for flexible privacy. Choose sunny outdoor curtains made of water-resistant fabric. Solid vinyl curtains give you complete seclusion when closed. Lightweight mesh types allow breezes and filtered sunlight to pass through. Hang curtain panels on posts or balusters for adjustable privacy screening. Use curtains to enclose your deck or across specific spans when needed.

9. Screen with Outdoor Bamboo Roll Shades

Another adaptable screening option is roll-up bamboo shades. These casual shades mount to deck ceilings or beams and unroll to desired lengths. Natural bamboo material blocks views yet allows dappled light through. Roll shades up or down anytime for customizable privacy. Use them to cover your entire deck or mount them over seating areas for dining privacy. Install shades on overhead beams, pergolas, or cabanas.

10. Block Views With Installed or Portable Panel Screens

For solid privacy that looks built-in, install wood, composite, or PVC fence panels around your deck perimeter. Or opt for portable folding panel screens that move to where you need them. Permanent panels offer continuous privacy with styles like board-on-board or shadowbox designs. Portable folding screens create privacy “walls” wherever desired, then tuck away when entertaining. Match the frame finish to your deck for a cohesive look.

11. Get Creative With Recycled Pallet Wood Screens

Add a rustic, earthy feel with DIY pallet wood privacy screens. Recycle and repurpose old shipping pallets by turning the slatted wood into decorative fences or partitions. Stain, paint, or leave the pallet wood natural. Affix pallet boards to deck posts for an instant screen, or make hinged sections for adjustable privacy barriers. This project is inexpensive, eco-friendly, and ideal for crafty DIYers.

12. Install vertical slat privacy panels on railings

Customize privacy while retaining your view with vertical slotwalls. These wood or PVC fence-style inserts attach to existing deck railings using specialty brackets. Vertical slotwalls block ground-level views from neighbors while allowing you to see between slotwalls. Configure panels along part or all of your railing, depending on privacy needs. Choose wide or narrow spacing based on the screening level desired.

13. Add semi-private railing planter boxes

Railing planter boxes boost privacy subtly while brightening your deck with flowers. Built-in planter boxes mount to deck railings, creating a partial visual screen when filled with plants. Self-watering planter box designs make watering easy. Choose flowering plants like petunias, begonias, and impatiens to add vibrant color as they grow. If desired, use removable planters to switch out plants seasonally.

14. Install a covered pergola canopy for overhead privacy

Install a covered pergola or pavilion canopy on your deck for overhead privacy. Painted wood, vinyl, and metal are popular pergola materials. Latticed or paneled canopies block views from above or surrounding windows while still allowing natural light. For maximum coverage, install the pergola canopy over your entire deck space or a seating area. Growing flowering vines on the pergola boosts privacy even more.

15. Add opaque plastic mesh windshields

Solid windscreens or mesh privacy panels are easy to attach to deck railings using grommets and hooks. Thick plastic, bamboo, or reed-style materials block views while allowing airflow. For full privacy, choose solid, opaque plastic mesh panels. Partial windscreens are installed on perimeter sides or between deck rails. Use windscreens to partition different functional spaces for dining privacy, sunbathing, or play areas.

Achieve the private deck of your dreams

Adding some type of screening to your deck or patio can make your outdoor living space feel like a secluded oasis. With so many privacy fence and screen options, you’ll find a solution to match both your privacy needs and design style. Consider permanent wood fencing for all-over privacy or semi-transparent lattice panels to let breezes and light filter through. Account for your budget, installation preferences, and how adjustable you’d like the privacy to be. With these versatile deck privacy ideas, you’ll be on your way to enjoying your very own backyard retreat!

Key Takeaways:

  • Wood, vinyl, aluminum, and PVC fencing offer permanent privacy in a range of styles.
  • Trellis panels provide semi-transparent screening that can be removed.
  • Vines grown on trees act as natural barriers when mature.
  • Movable screens create flexible privacy, while curtains hang for adjustable coverage.
  • Rooftop canopies, pergolas, and umbrellas also boost overhead seclusion.
So explore the many options and start planning your perfect private oasis. Your deck will become your favorite place to relax, entertain, and enjoy the outdoors in peace.


What is a privacy screen?

An outdoor privacy screen is a structure or panel that provides privacy and blocks the view from outside. It is typically used in outdoor spaces like decks, patios, and gardens.

How can I give my deck privacy?

You can give your deck privacy by installing a privacy screen or using other options like a privacy fence, a fence windscreen, or deck privacy panels.

What are some ideas for privacy screens?

Some ideas for privacy screens include using folding privacy screens, privacy fence covers, fence mesh, screen mesh, balcony privacy fences, or heavy-duty fences.

Can I use a privacy screen for my patio?

Yes, a privacy screen can be used for a patio to create a private and comfortable area.

What is the purpose of a deck privacy screen?

The purpose of a deck privacy screen is to provide privacy, block the view from neighbors or passersby, and create a secluded and relaxing atmosphere on your deck.

How can I cover my privacy fence?

You can cover your privacy fence with materials like privacy fence covers, fence windscreen, or even plants and vines to enhance its privacy and aesthetic appeal.

Are there privacy screen options for small spaces?

Yes, there are privacy screen options specifically designed for small spaces like balconies or compact patios. These options include folding privacy screens, awning outdoor screens, or privacy curtains.

Can a privacy screen also be used for decorative purposes?

Yes, many privacy screens are designed to be visually appealing and can serve as decorative accents in your outdoor space.

Are there DIY options available for privacy screens?

Yes, there are DIY options available for outdoor privacy screens, such as building your own folding screen or using lattice panels to create a customized privacy solution.

Where can I purchase an outdoor privacy screen?

Outdoor privacy screens can be purchased at home improvement stores, garden centers, online retailers, or through professional fence installation companies. Looking to get started on deck design & build packages, but not sure where to begin? Contact us. Visit our website to find a location closest to you, or to contact a deck designer today! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more deck design ideas.