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Outdoor decor is a great way to spruce up the exterior of your home and make your outdoor spaces feel fresh and inviting. With so many options for outdoor wall art, accents, and functional pieces, you can easily transform any blank wall into an eye-catching focal point. This year, it’s all about natural materials, bold patinas, and stylistic pieces that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor aesthetics.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the hottest outdoor wall decor trends. We’ll look at popular materials like metal and wood, must-have accent pieces, and clever ways to decorate outdoor walls. Let’s dive into the looks that will elevate your home’s curb appeal this year!

Why Invest in Outdoor Decor This Year?

Outdoor wall ornamentation does so much more than just look pretty. It can entirely change the vibe of your outdoor living spaces and make them more welcoming and functional. Here are some key reasons to incorporate outdoor wall art and accents this year:

  • Curb appeal: outdoor home decor adds visual interest to blank exterior walls and makes your home look well-maintained and inviting from the street.
  • Completes the look: well-chosen outdoor wall art ties your whole outdoor space together into a cohesive look.
  • Adds color: mix up exterior color palettes with brightly hued or patterned wall hangings.
  • Provides privacy: strategically hung wall screens create secluded sitting areas.
  • Offers shade: wall-mounted structures like pergolas or trellises provide shade on sunny days.
  • Displays plants: hanging growers or wall-mounted plant holders green up outdoor walls.
  • Adds lighting: sconces illuminate pathways and accent architectural details.
  • Store items: wall-mounted racks and ledges corral gardening supplies or patio accessories.

Let’s look at some of the best ways to decorate outdoor walls, so you can start planning your exterior makeover!

Top Outdoor Decor Trends for 2023

Rustic and Natural Metal Wall Decor

Metal is one of the most popular outdoor decor materials because it stands up well to the elements. This year, natural, rustic metal finishes are in. Think weathered zinc, patinated copper, aged bronze, and distressed iron.

Metal wall hangings and sculptures in organic shapes have an earthy feel. Laser-cut metal artwork offers delicate, nature-inspired designs. Try layering a few different metal pieces for lots of visual interest.

Affordable finds like wrought iron wall hooks, metal suns, and rusted tin signs add character. For a bolder look, install a large custom metal piece as the eye-catching focal point.

Wooden Signs and Plaques

Another natural material that’s trending for outdoor wall ornamentation is wood. Forego plastic and painted signs and opt for rustic wooden plaques to label plants or welcome guests.

Look for responsibly sourced wall signs and decor handmade from salvaged wood. Plaques displaying house numbers, family names, or cheeky phrases add personality.

You can also decorate with affordable plywood cutouts in fun shapes like stars, houses, and animals. Let the unfinished woodgrain show or choose a tinted stain that enhances the natural beauty.

Boho Chic Wall Hangings

For a relaxed boho-chic vibe, adorn outdoor walls with macramé plant hangers, woven wall tapestries, and fabric wall hangings.

Dreamcatchers, beaded curtains, and embroidered tapestries infuse outdoor spaces with artisanal charm. For pattern and color, try block-printed fabric hangings or vividly striped wall weavings.

Display houseplants on natural fiber macramé hangers or string up tasselled swags to create divided seating areas or privacy partitions. The texture and free-spirited style of these hangings breathe new life into plain walls.

Unique Wall Planters and Plant Holders

Greenery is a must for outdoor spaces, and wall-mounted planters eliminate the need for floor space. Unique wall planters allow you to grow plants vertically.

Handpainted ceramic planters, cascading flow-through planters, and geometric concrete designs add artistic flair. For a weathered look, try galvanized metal buckets or waist-high steel planter boxes.

If gardening isn’t your thing, install modern wall-mounted vases. Load them with faux or fresh-cut foliage and seasonal stems to change up the look. Unexpected materials like repurposed ladders, crates, and tires can also hold plants.

Multipurpose Wall Storage and Shelving

Take your outdoor ornamentation in a functional direction with wall-mounted storage solutions. Open shelving provides a place to display outdoor accent pieces and corral essential items within reach.

Try a wall-mounted rack for stashing pool toys and recreational gear. Floating ledges and cubbies work perfectly for storing gardening tools and gloves.

Install wall hooks near doors to hang hats and leashes, or place coat racks outside of pool houses. Multipurpose wall storage keeps items visible and organized.

Creative Ways to Decorate Different Outdoor Walls

Now that we’ve covered the top trends, let’s look at creative ideas to decorate various exterior walls throughout your yard.

Entryway Walls

  • Welcome sign or family name plaque
  • House plant in a pretty pot.
  • Canvas print, metal art, or large photo
  • Coat hooks or hat/glove storage.
  • Double doors to hide clutter.

Porch and Patio Walls

  • String lights overhead.
  • Hanging lanterns for ambiance.
  • Macramé plant hangers.
  • Woven wall tapestry.
  • cafe string curtain partition.

Fence and Perimeter Walls

  • Laser-cut privacy screens.
  • Lattice panels with climbing vines.
  • Paint or stain the fence for color.
  • Attach planter boxes.
  • Mason jar pendant lights.

Garage and Shed Walls

  • Painted polka-dot pattern.
  • Geometric wall mural.
  • Stencil or graffiti art.
  • Wall-mounted sports rack.
  • Floating ledges for supplies.
  • Chalkboard for messages.

Pool Walls and Cabanas

  • Sunbrella fabric curtains.
  • Rattan mirror with shelf.
  • Life-preserving decoration.
  • Whale wall mural.
  • Wicker baskets for towels.
  • Striped throw pillows.

With so many ways to decorate outdoor walls, you’re sure to find the perfect pieces to create inviting exterior spaces you’ll want to spend time in.

Design Tips for Styling Outdoor Ornamentation

Ready to tackle your own outdoor wall makeover? Keep these design tips in mind as you choose decor and plan the layout:

  • Select weatherproof materials like metal, wood, ceramic, and weather-resistant fabric. Look for pieces made for outdoor use.
  • Anchor decor securely with heavy-duty hanging hardware. Use strong adhesive if attaching directly to walls.
  • Think visually balanced. Aim for symmetrical or asymmetrically pleasing arrangements.
  • Repeat colors and textures for a cohesive look. Echo materials like wood, metal, or plants throughout the space.
  • Follow the architecture. Use decor to highlight home features like doors, trim, and siding.
  • Layer pieces for added depth and dimension. Try wall shelves topped with vases and artwork above.
  • Illuminate with sconces, umbrellas, and hanging lanterns, so decor shines day and night.

With the right mix of trendy and timeless pieces that complement your home’s style, you can create an inviting outdoor oasis right on your walls. Have fun decorating!

The Best Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas to Try This Year

Ready to try some on-trend outdoor ornamentation and give your exterior a fresh new look? Here are some of the best ideas to implement this year:

  • Hang a set of three hammered metal wall medallions for an eye-catching accent.
  • Mount a wooden welcome sign on a front porch column for rustic farmhouse charm.
  • Display outdoor succulents or air plants on a wall-mounted concrete planter ledge.
  • Add a pop of color with brightly patterned pillows in weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric.
  • Define an outdoor dining space with macramé plant hangers overhead.
  • Accent patio walls with rectangular metal garden signs.
  • Install wall hooks near entryways to corral pet leashes, hats, and bags.
  • Construct a DIY herringbone wood privacy screen along fences or deck railings.
  • Arrange galvanized tin pails and watering cans on garage shelves for a vintage vibe.
  • Frame out a seating nook with woven jute pendant curtains.
  • Use stencils and exterior paint to create a geometric mural along a garden wall.
  • Hang nautical rope knots and anchors along a pool house wall.
  • Screw industrial pipes into studs for open shelving to hold potted plants.
  • Display outdoor string lights in glass mason jars attached at intervals along walls.
  • Affix metal cutout art, like floral shapes, wall sculptures, or critters, for whimsical accents.

The options are endless when it comes to decorating your outdoor walls this year! Start small by adding a few key pieces or do a full decorative makeover—either way, you’ll love the upgrade.

Final Thoughts on Outdoor Wall Decor

Outdoor decor has so much potential to turn drab exterior areas into inviting outdoor living spaces you’ll want to spend time enjoying. With an array of trendy accent pieces to choose from, you can show off your unique style and makeover any bare wall.

Focus on naturally inspired materials like wood, metal, and plants for an organic look that flows seamlessly between indoor and outdoor areas. Rustic and distressed finishes are hot this year for a welcoming, lived-in feel.

Don’t be afraid to use wall decor to also add functionality like privacy screening, equipment storage, and vertical gardening. Get creative with shapes, colors, and materials to reflect the architecture and surroundings.

The right additions can entirely transform plain exterior walls into the focal point of your outdoor oasis. We hope these 2023 outdoor decor trend ideas have sparked inspiration to give your home’s exterior a little love! Decorate away and enjoy the upgraded curb appeal.

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