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Trex Select Decking is a high-quality composite decking option that offers durability, low maintenance, and a beautiful appearance. This article will discuss the features, colors, installation process, and cost of Trex Select Decking, so you can make an informed decision on whether this product is right for your outdoor space.

Features of Trex Select Decking


One of the most significant advantages of Trex Select Decking is its durability. The boards are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, resist fading and staining, and prevent issues like rotting, warping, and splintering. This means your deck will stay looking great for years without the need for constant upkeep.

Low Maintenance

Trex Select Decking is an excellent choice for homeowners who want a low-maintenance outdoor space. Unlike traditional wood decks, which require regular staining, sealing, and painting, Trex composite decking only needs occasional cleaning with soap and water to keep it looking its best.


Trex Select Decking is designed to mimic the natural beauty of wood without drawbacks. The boards have a realistic wood grain pattern and are available in several attractive colors. Plus, the material resists fading, so your deck will maintain its color and appearance for years to come.


As an eco-friendly option, Trex Select Decking is made from 95% recycled materials, including reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. Choosing this composite decking means you are contributing to a more sustainable future by reducing waste and preserving natural resources.

Trex Select Decking Colors

Trex Select Decking comes in four stunning colors to complement any home and outdoor space:

Pebble Grey

Pebble Grey is a cool, neutral shade that pairs well with both modern and traditional home styles. This color offers a clean, sophisticated look for your outdoor space.


The saddle is a warm, earthy brown that evokes the natural beauty of wood. This color adds a cozy and inviting feel to your deck, perfect for creating a relaxing outdoor oasis.

Winchester Grey

Winchester Grey is a rich, dark grey that adds depth and dimension to your deck. This color works well with contemporary designs and provides a dramatic backdrop for outdoor entertaining.

Installation Process

Installing Trex Decking is a straightforward process that can be accomplished by professional installers or experienced DIY enthusiasts. Here’s an overview of the process:

Preparing the Deck

Before installing Trex Select Decking, it’s essential to properly prepare the deck area. This includes ensuring that the deck frame is level, square, and properly supported. Additionally, proper spacing between joists is crucial for the long-term stability of the decking.

Installing the Boards

Trex Decking boards can be installed using the Trex Hideaway Hidden Fastening System, which provides a seamless appearance and strong connection between the boards. To install the boards, start at the outer edge of the deck and work your way inwards. Stagger the boards to create a visually appealing pattern, ensuring that you leave appropriate gaps for expansion and contraction.

Finishing Touches

After installing the decking boards, you can add finishing touches such as railing, lighting, and other accessories to complete your outdoor space. Trex offers a wide range of options to enhance the functionality and appearance of your deck.

Cost and Value

While Trex Decking may have a higher initial cost compared to traditional wood decking, the long-term value is undeniable. With its low maintenance requirements, durability, and resistance to common decking issues, Trex Select Decking will save you time and money on maintenance and repairs in the long run.


Trex Select Decking is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a durable, low-maintenance, and attractive outdoor space. With its range of colors, easy installation process, and sustainable materials, Trex Decking offers a superior alternative to traditional wood decks. By investing in Trex Select Decking, you can create a beautiful and long-lasting outdoor space that will be enjoyed for years to come.


Q: How long does Trex Select Decking last?

A: Trex Decking is designed to last for 25 years or more with proper care and maintenance. It’s backed by a 25-year limited residential warranty, providing peace of mind for homeowners.

Q: Can I install Trex Select Decking myself?

A: Yes, experienced DIY enthusiasts can install Trex Decking. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for proper installation to ensure the best results.

Q: How do I clean my Trex Select Decking?

A: Cleaning Trex Decking is simple. Use a soft-bristle brush, warm water, and mild soap to gently scrub the surface. Rinse thoroughly with a hose to remove any residue.

Q: Is Trex Select Decking resistant to mold and mildew?

A: Trex Decking is designed to resist mold and mildew growth. However, it’s essential to clean the deck regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt and debris that can lead to mold and mildew.

Q: Can I use a pressure washer to clean my Trex Select Deck?

A: It is not recommended to use a pressure washer on Trex Decking, as it can damage the surface. Instead, use a soft-bristle brush, warm water, and mild soap for cleaning.

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